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  • DEVELOPMENT: OSGi service binding II: muddy waters

    In the first post regarding binding to OSGI services on BUG, we covered the simplest (and most common) case: binding to a set of services and running an application when all services are available.  Now...

  • DEVELOPMENT: suggested (free) reading:

    The bug development team is growing!  I spent a few minutes tracking down some items I believe our developers should be sharp on, and I thought our community might benefit from the list...  Feel free...

  • HOW TO: Web dev series part one: PublicWSProvider2

    Web people these days are spoiled with awesome frameworks and libraries. I personally love RoR and came to embrace jQuery library.Most of you probably know that BUG comes with a web server and module data...

  • HOW TO: Finding BUG Tutorials and Documentation

    We are working on bringing all of the tutorials, documentation, and different repositories of information about the BUG into the BUG Community.  Currently, things are a little spread out and may be difficult to find. ...

  • DEVELOPMENT: Svenska from Malmö

    I am in Sweden at OREDEV, a software development conference.  I was invited here to talk about BUG and am very happy to attend.  Yesterday I presented a three hour tutorial on BUG, and we...

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