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  • HOW TO: BUG Software R2.1.0 (based on linaro 2.6.35) now available

    Greetings BUGgers!TL;DR: http://wiki.buglabs.net/index.php/Changelog_2.1.0Release R2.1.0 is available for download.  This is a major release, utilizing a new kernel and networking API, intended for general customer use with BUGbase YT (2.0) hardware.   The build artifacts can be...

  • DEVELOPMENT: BUG Software R2.0.2 available for consumption

    W00t!  Another release....! Release R2.0.2 is available for download.  This is a maintenance release intended for general customer use with BUGbase YT (2.0) hardware.  The build artifacts can be found at: http://dauber/buildbot/repo/full/12986/  (internal) and http://bugcommunity.com/downloads/files/2.0/Releases/R2.0.2/ For instructions on how...

  • DEVELOPMENT: R2.0.1 available for download!

    Howdy bugcommunity!  Despite the hellish weather across the northeast and all the delays it causes, we're shipping!  Also!  We're shipping new SW!  Orders filled from today on (January 31st 2011) on will include (at least)...

  • DEVELOPMENT: What's up with 2.0?

    Well, have a look yourself!http://redmine.buglabs.net/projects/show/bug-sw-r20The buglabs SW process machine is now public.  Process championship. Image is CC licensed, Thanks to Thomas Guest.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/thomasguest/3581215442/ 

  • DEVELOPMENT: BUG+Documentation

    Now that R1.4.3 is out the door and 2009 is behind us, we're spending some time to go back and document more of our APIs, tools, and modules.   Documentation can really be an overwhelming task,...

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