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  • DEVELOPMENT: SDK Tip: Saving your ConfigAdmin state between sessions.

    In the 2.1 SDK we have switched to use the Felix implementation of the ConfigurationAdmin service specification.  By default, each time BUG simulator launches, a clean configuration is created.  This can be a pain when...

  • DEVELOPMENT: SDK build 1.5.2 now available

    Last night we released a new version of the Dragonfly SDK. Here are the details:Download and update site URL can be found here.Release notes and install guide can be found here.Happy Holidays to everyone!

  • DEVELOPMENT: SDK build 1.4.1 now available

    Just a quick note that we've release a new version of the SDK today. This is a minor release of fixes and an nice upgrade of Concierge/CTE. Download: http://buglabs.net/downloadsUpdate site url: http://buglabs.net/sdk/production/current/updatesite/Release notes: http://bugcommunity.com/wiki/index.php/Dragonfly_SDK_Release_Notes#1.4_Releases

  • DEVELOPMENT: Version 1.3 of Dragonfly, the BUG SDK: Best Release Ever

    We released the latest version of the BUG SDK today.  This has a number of improvements over the last version, and it's our best version ever.  I highly recommend upgrading to this version as there...

  • DEVELOPMENT: BUG Release 1.4 and SDK are now live!

    Ken Gilmer asked me come out of rebloggerment to post this message. I gave up blogging in in the mid 80's. Oh! Did I forget to tell you that I invented Blogging?Seriously though.. I'm proud...

  • DEVELOPMENT: Features features features

    The development team here at BUG has been grinding away at R1.4 of the BUG software stack for the past few months and I'm really looking forward to its release.  Why?  Well, for one, the...

  • HOW TO: building JNI bundles

    I've previously posted about building against bundles in SVN to get the latest BUG software.  This is a followup with special attention paid to the jni bundles.  I assume a certain knowledge of the SDK,...

  • DEVELOPMENT: Using ServiceTrackerHelper rather than the AST

     While working on some tutorial material I pulled up the old SimpleGUI application.  It's pretty basic, but I've always been mildly troubled by the verbosity of the boiler plate code in the AbstractServiceTracker.  A while...

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