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  • DEVELOPMENT: SDK Tip: Saving your ConfigAdmin state between sessions.

    In the 2.1 SDK we have switched to use the Felix implementation of the ConfigurationAdmin service specification.  By default, each time BUG simulator launches, a clean configuration is created.  This can be a pain when...

  • DEVELOPMENT: SDK build 1.5.2 now available

    Last night we released a new version of the Dragonfly SDK. Here are the details:Download and update site URL can be found here.Release notes and install guide can be found here.Happy Holidays to everyone!

  • DEVELOPMENT: SDK build 1.4.1 now available

    Just a quick note that we've release a new version of the SDK today. This is a minor release of fixes and an nice upgrade of Concierge/CTE. Download: http://buglabs.net/downloadsUpdate site url: http://buglabs.net/sdk/production/current/updatesite/Release notes: http://bugcommunity.com/wiki/index.php/Dragonfly_SDK_Release_Notes#1.4_Releases

  • DEVELOPMENT: Version 1.3 of Dragonfly, the BUG SDK: Best Release Ever

    We released the latest version of the BUG SDK today.  This has a number of improvements over the last version, and it's our best version ever.  I highly recommend upgrading to this version as there...

  • DEVELOPMENT: BUG Release 1.4 and SDK are now live!

    Ken Gilmer asked me come out of rebloggerment to post this message. I gave up blogging in in the mid 80's. Oh! Did I forget to tell you that I invented Blogging?Seriously though.. I'm proud...

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