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  • HOW TO: How to Start Concierge and use Grep

    You may want to look at what messages are coming through in your concierge log. Here's how:root@BUG ~# cat /var/log/concierge.logIf you want to find particular words or instances of something happening, you can use grep:root@BUG...

  • HOW TO: BUG boots up

    Ever wonder what your BUG is doing while it boots, as the bug logo goes around and around?Here's a screencast of BUG booting in minicom. You can see this too if you've hacked a serial...

  • HOW TO: How to get your BUG out of a Java Crash

    If your BUG locks up in a way that the base LCD is unresponsive or the base icons are missing when you plug in your module, you're probably experiencing a Java crash. Follow the steps...

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