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  • HOW TO: Ruby and RubyGems (and Rails!) on the Bug

    Ruby is a language I've been meaning to learn for some time now and I figured I'd do that by using it for one of my projects here at Bug. The first thing I went...

  • MADE@BUG: BUGnet updates

    We have new BUGnet updates that include quite handy tools for developers.  Code Search http://buglabs.net/codesearch This allows you to search against public BUG apps and browse projects in your browser. We're using Xapian search engine...

  • DEVELOPMENT: Learning to enjoy writing test cases

    I'm not big on writing test cases. Before joining Bug Labs, I mainly did .NET dev for three years, and "building" a project was sufficient enough to move on to the next item. When I...

  • DEVELOPMENT: Making of BUG Community

    As you can see, our new BUG Community is up and running. In addition to our main BUGnet site, the community portal is a place for our users and developers to share ideas and experiment....

  • HOW TO: Rails Deployment - One Recipe, Many Targets

    This site, like all of our rails sites, has a few different deployment targets, depending on what we're trying to do.  For us, the target might be the integration server (where developers give new code...

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