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  • HOW TO: Run a python weather module on BUG

     Today I installed a python weather module on my BUG. I was using our 1.4.3 rootfs and it was easy peasy! Here's what I did: alicia-imac:~ agibb$ ssh root@ The authenticity of host ' (' can't...

  • DEVELOPMENT: New Python Libraries for Bug

    One the greatest features of the BUG is the amazing Bug Java Framework (not an official name yet, but I hope it'll catch on), which provides: modularity, tons for services, low level interaction with modules,...

  • DEVELOPMENT: Python and communication with Bug Modules.

    After working with microprocessors and other low-level C programming, I found myself getting really tired of bothering to set up an elaborate cross-compilation development environment and a chip programmer and all of that jazz.  Being...

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