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  • PROJECTS: Chat with a BUG

    I little while back I stumbled across an article that talked about one man's work of building an extendable IRC bot with OSGi.A little more recently, I read about why GitHub encourages side projects, which...

  • HOW TO: The Whiteboard Pattern

    There was a time when computer programs were expected to run unattended. A program was a set of instructions and input data that was fed into the computer, and if everything went well some output...

  • HOW TO: Adding Commands to the OSGi Shell

    Usually you will want to interact with your BUG application using a GUI, a web service, or an interface provided by a module. But sometimes you want to be able to tell an app to...

  • HOW TO: Use a database on BUG

    Here's a quick howto on using Apache Derby on the BUG 2.0 to get hot RDBMS action.Step 1, download the Apache Derby binary package from http://db.apache.org/derby/derby_downloads.html.  I chose the 'lib' distribution.  Unsure if Derby supports running...

  • DEVELOPMENT: OSGi service binding II: muddy waters

    In the first post regarding binding to OSGI services on BUG, we covered the simplest (and most common) case: binding to a set of services and running an application when all services are available.  Now...

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