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  • MADE@BUG: MotherBUG+Von Hippel+Arduino Mini+Servo Motor

    Put them together and what do you get?  A web-controllable office cam.  Try it out for yourself (updated 12/12/2008, 7:32PM):go to http://motherbug1.buglabs.net/Servo and the UI is pretty straight forwardSee?  This was a great collaborative and...

  • DEVELOPMENT: MotherBUG: Bigger, Badder, Unplugged

    MotherBUG, our in-house publicly accessible physical BUG, is back online after a few release cycles and our big office relocation.  She's running MotherBUGTweetNTwitch again, as before.  This morning she caught bballantine and mcholerton getting in...

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