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  • DEVELOPMENT: Java 7 (OpenJDK/IcedTea) for the BUG 2.0

    For anyone interested in Java 7, I have built OpenJDK 7 (via IcedTea) for BUG 2.0 (Angstrom, armv7, Zero VM).  The binaries are available here.  The binaries are not provided as Angstrom opkgs, so the installation process...

  • HOW TO: Processing & BUG

    While using processing on ARM (via openjdk-6-zero) has been done for quite some time, (even using the Arduino IDE), we just got it working on BUG.Just running sketches couldn't be easier.  Processing 1.5.1 allows sketches to...

  • HOW TO: OSGi service binding without throwing in the kitchen sink.

     In the BUG 2.0 software release we've added an API to allow for easy service binding with minimal code.  The API is in com.buglabs.application.ServiceTrackerHelper and the primary actor is the ManagedRunnable.  To illustrate the usage of...

  • DEVELOPMENT: Heading to JavaOne to talk about FOSS Java on ARM

    I'm off to San Francisco for a few days to learn what new innovative lawsuits technologies are coming out of the Java ecosystem.  If you're attending would love to see you at my session where...

  • DEVELOPMENT: Friday afternoon remote debugging, remotely.

    I had the opportunity to work on a nasty little defect from home this afternoon.  Some background: Originally we used the AvetanaBT implementation for java-level API hooks into bluez for bluetooth programming. It has served...

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