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  • DEVELOPMENT: Going IPv6 on BUG

    If you've read agordon's IPv6 posts here and here, I'm sure you're very psyched about it. To help you get started, we added IPv6 Setup in BUGdash. Make sure you have the latest BUG software...

  • DEVELOPMENT: IPv6 Killer App (the elevator pitch version)

    Today, I re-read Jean-Francois Tremblay's post at go6.net titled "The IPv6 Killer App", with the mindset of "what does IPv6 mean for the BUG, and for Bug Labs' customers?".My IPv6 "elevator pitch" after reading that...

  • HOW TO: IPv6 - More Than Just Lots of IP Addresses

    There are a lot of benefits to IPv6, the next generation Internet Protocol.  Most articles you'll find on the Internet relating to the benefits of IPv6 have to do with its huge address space.And, while...

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