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  • DEVELOPMENT: suggested (free) reading:

    The bug development team is growing!  I spent a few minutes tracking down some items I believe our developers should be sharp on, and I thought our community might benefit from the list...  Feel free...

  • HOW TO: Having openjdk'6 sources display in eclipse

    Have you ever been working on a project, tracing through code, only to get to a point where you're inside your jvm's core class code?  Probably.  And you've probably noticed that the core classes don't...

  • HOW TO: Web dev series part two: Sewing

    Sewing: Simple Embedded-OSGi Web frameworkBrian created Sewing library and named it out of his passion for craft involving fabric. Check out his introduction on Sewing if you haven't already.Compared to the previous method, you can...

  • HOW TO: Web dev series part one: PublicWSProvider2

    Web people these days are spoiled with awesome frameworks and libraries. I personally love RoR and came to embrace jQuery library.Most of you probably know that BUG comes with a web server and module data...

  • HOW TO: Three Steps for OpenEmbedded N00Bs

    I'm relatively new to OpenEmbedded.  Some might even consider me an OpenEmbedded N00B.  I beg to differ.  Here I offer three steps to moving from OpenEmbedded N00B to OpenEmbedded... uh...  ex-N00B?  Regardless of what you...

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