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  • DEVELOPMENT: BUG+Documentation

    Now that R1.4.3 is out the door and 2009 is behind us, we're spending some time to go back and document more of our APIs, tools, and modules.   Documentation can really be an overwhelming task,...

  • DEVELOPMENT: Some Javadocs

    People.  Sheesh.  You'd think the source code would be enough, but no, they want documentation.  Ha!For R1.4 the Javadocs are now available for the BUG Java/OSGi code and for pMEA.  If there is some code...

  • HOW TO: Finding BUG Tutorials and Documentation

    We are working on bringing all of the tutorials, documentation, and different repositories of information about the BUG into the BUG Community.  Currently, things are a little spread out and may be difficult to find. ...

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