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  • HOW TO: Native SDK for BUG 1.x Devices

    Building native applications for BUG requires a toolchain configured for the specific hardware architecture, as well as all the development libraries your application may require.  Poky, the build system used for the BUG 1.x line...

  • DEVELOPMENT: suggested (free) reading:

    The bug development team is growing!  I spent a few minutes tracking down some items I believe our developers should be sharp on, and I thought our community might benefit from the list...  Feel free...

  • HOW TO: my love of apt.

    BUG comes with an avahi-daemon installed.  We used to use a jslp-based implementation to have the SDK auto-detect the presence of a BUG on the same LAN (and even for the virtual-BUG itself).  We've since...


    The very first thing I noticed when I started to "play" with the bug  was that swing library was missing. After a couple of month I just accepted  AWT is the best I could do. ...

  • PROJECTS: BitBake Commander 0.6.5

    Another bug fix and feature update for BitBake Commander is available.  Notable differences:BitBake variable evaluation now happens on a per-recipe bases rather than just the global configuration.  This means variables like $PN now contain valid...

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