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  • MADE@BUG: Open Source Logos

    The Linux system that runs on the BUG is a derivative of OpenEmbedded.  OpenEmbedded is like BUG Linux's big pappa.  Like all open source projects, OpenEmbedded relies on a community of developers and enthusiasts to...

  • DEVELOPMENT: BUGbase UI Concepts - Ready For Your Feedback

    IDEO has put together 5 BUGbase UI concepts and posted them on the BUG+IDEO blog.  This is a great chance for anyone who's interested, especially those of you who own a BUG, to get involved. ...

  • HOW TO: Researching BUGs

    I just wanted to contribute to Bradley's previous posts with some discussion of the research that went into the product development process for the BUG.Research at ECCO Design is driven by the user with the...

  • HOW TO: more on Designing for BUG

    Adding to what Kashif wrote in his post here: http://community.buglabs.net/kashif/posts/55-Designing-for-Bug-LabsI wanted to add a few thoughts about the design approach from a designer's perspective.Since BUG represents a radical departure from traditional CE design in that...

  • HOW TO: Designing for Bug Labs

    As designers, we crave the opportunity to work on cutting-edge products that challenge the status-quo: things that challenge the norm for a good reason.  So when Peter Semmelhack approached ECCO Design, back in 2006, to...

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