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  • DEVELOPMENT: Fun with Java, our repo, java-gnome, and dbus-java.

    I posted a few weeks ago about how our extras repository is now online.  Since then I've had some downtime to add packages to our repository at the request of other BUG developers and some...

  • HOW TO: BeagleBoard, Java, OSGi, and Benchmarking

    The BeagleBoard is a sweet little single board computer from Texas Instruments, based on the OMAP 3530 processor. It features audio in and out, S-Video and DVI out, USB, RS-232, and an SD card (though...

  • DEVELOPMENT: Features features features

    The development team here at BUG has been grinding away at R1.4 of the BUG software stack for the past few months and I'm really looking forward to its release.  Why?  Well, for one, the...

  • DEVELOPMENT: Another round of FOSS Java Benchmarks

    Kevin Shultz is back in the office and had some time to put together a refresh of his always interesting and sometimes contraversial take on FOSS JVM performance.  Interesting gains have been made by both...


    In order to support a partner, we needed to get a JVM on the BUG that had the commericial-friendly classpath exception clause to the GPL.  Unfortuantely phoneME does not have this, however GNU Classpath does. ...

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