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  • HOW TO: BUG boots up

    Ever wonder what your BUG is doing while it boots, as the bug logo goes around and around?Here's a screencast of BUG booting in minicom. You can see this too if you've hacked a serial...

  • MADE@BUG: NYU ISS Adventures into Test Kitchen

    Since Peter was kind of enough to speak at for NYU's ISS club (Information Systems Society) in September, we decided to return the favor by visiting the BugLabs office! (Starting from closest: Angad, Ajay, Alicia,...

  • MADE@BUG: BUGbot Wheels Module by Ilan Moyer

    Ilan Moyer stopped by the Test Kitchen for a visit.  With the CAD files he downloaded from BUG he was able to fabricate a base for wheels.  The wheels use DC motors and a motor...

  • DEVELOPMENT: Bug+Freedom

    Some of the evening crew had some champagne to celebrate the US election today.  According to predictions this election will have the largest voter turnout ever in US history!

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