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  • HOW TO: Behind the Scenes: Managing Applications

    BUG Labs works hard to make the process of writing embedded software easy. You can write a program using the Dragonfly SDK and send it to a BUG on the network. No messing with JTAG...

  • DEVELOPMENT: BUGapp Lifecycle Visualization

    I recently got a request for a diagram of the BUGapp lifecycle.  "What a great opportunity to hone my n00bean InkScape skills!", I thought.  So, here is my take on the creation and descruction from...

  • PROJECTS: User-friendly admin tool for BUG: BUGdash

    We have an interesting new project released in BUGnet. BUGdash is a web-based admin tool for managing software and viewing settings on BUG. It allows users to manage apps and view information without having to...

  • HOW TO: N-Body Simulations: Fun Fun Fun!

    Several months back and M3DD, in an after hours session in a rather empty and dark cafateria on Sun's San Jose campus, I saw a demo of Kepler's Orrery on a laptop by the developer,...

  • HOW TO: Do it with LWUIT!

    Anyone who has written BUG apps with GUIs in AWT and said "hmmm, I wish there was a better way..." might be interested in this blog post from Shai.  While LWUIT, a new graphics toolkit...

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