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  • OPINIONS: I just gave $36 to last.fm

    I've been a member of last.fm for a while now, since before they offered a music-streaming service (I think), back when they were audioscrobbler.  They still offer scrobbling services, which track your listening habits and...

  • HOW TO: Using MPD, your BUGbase and BUGsound to make an audio server

    &#The audio module has been out for a while now but it's still fun to hack around and see what can be done using the tools we have .  Peter has been asking for BUG-as-sound-server...

  • HOW TO: Audio Streaming w/Icecast & Ices on BUG

    Here's how you can set up your BUG to do live audio streaming.  It's like having your own "internet talk show"!To accomplish this, we will use icecast (a streaming audio server) and ices (which sends...

  • MADE@BUG: Cheap Ambient Audio: Round 1

    My first TK project, a wall-wart sized device that plugs into a wall and plays audio from a sd/mmc card to a mono speaker, completely self contained.  No track selections, no LCD, not even a...

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