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  • DEVELOPMENT: BitBake Commander 0.6.8 - Installers!

    A new release of OpenEmbedded Tools for Eclipse is available that adds the ability to install a flavor of OpenEmbedded via a simple GUI wizard as shown below.  Currently available install profiles are OpenEmbedded dev...

  • HOW TO: Three Steps for OpenEmbedded N00Bs

    I'm relatively new to OpenEmbedded.  Some might even consider me an OpenEmbedded N00B.  I beg to differ.  Here I offer three steps to moving from OpenEmbedded N00B to OpenEmbedded... uh...  ex-N00B?  Regardless of what you...

  • PROJECTS: BitBake Commander 0.6.5

    Another bug fix and feature update for BitBake Commander is available.  Notable differences:BitBake variable evaluation now happens on