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  • DEVELOPMENT: node.js for BUG 2.0

    It was interesting to see the new Beagleboard "bone" project announcement today.  Particularly because of some software that ships with it; a browser-based development environment targeting the JavaScript language.  Given the popularity of the JavaScript...

  • HOW TO: Processing & BUG

    While using processing on ARM (via openjdk-6-zero) has been done for quite some time, (even using the Arduino IDE), we just got it working on BUG.Just running sketches couldn't be easier.  Processing 1.5.1 allows sketches to...

  • MADE@BUG: Android on BUG: an Update

    When we first started working on getting Android on BUG with Tarent last year, my right brain was happy and excited.  I love learning new things.  And after all, Android is a fun, creative new...

  • HOW TO: Run a python weather module on BUG

     Today I installed a python weather module on my BUG. I was using our 1.4.3 rootfs and it was easy peasy! Here's what I did: alicia-imac:~ agibb$ ssh root@ The authenticity of host ' (' can't...

  • MADE@BUG: BUGduino knocks on our door...

    BUGduino prototypes have arrived at our office! Behold all its prototypable glory: When our most excellent EE, Dave Riess, started at Bug he was looking for an easier way to drive motors through the BUGbase....

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