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  • DEVELOPMENT: J2ME-style Location API on BUG

    Recently while wrangling with an internal project that required some basic location functionality, I became pretty intimate with the BUG location API.  While the basics of retrieving location information from the GPS device is pretty...

  • DEVELOPMENT: building a BUG App against the API in svn trunk

    Us BUG developers have been working up a storm recently to bring out a new release of BUG software (R1.4, as yet unreleased).  This includes new additions to the API for new modules, and the...

  • DEVELOPMENT: Getting ready for ├śREDEV

     Several months back I was asked by some folks if I'd like to talk about the BUG at ØREDEV, in Malmo, Sweden.  I'm pretty excited about it and am in fact throwing together a pretty...

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