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Sep 27, 2007 4:09pm
Ryan P 22 posts

Topic: Way Off Topic / Open Source?

I probably wouldn’t volunteer my time to a project if the contributions I made wouldn’t be open to the public. Open source supporters need to help businesses that push and popularize open source—that’s why I’m here. =D

Sep 27, 2007 1:59pm
koolatron 52 posts

Topic: Applications / FlickrUppr hanging for me on Mac OSX


I’m encountering the same problem on both my Linux machines, wherein upon trying to start applications that use the LCD module the BUG hangs. Specifically, it creates the LCD output window and then becomes unresponsive. Here’s my setup:

Ubuntu release 7.04 (feisty)
`eclipse` package from feisty repos (provides Eclipse 3.2.2)
`sun-java6-jre` package from feisty-multiverse repos (I’m assuming this provides the right runtime environment for the BUG).

Ubuntu release 6.10 (edgy)
`eclipse` package from edgy repos (provides Eclipse 3.2.1)
`sun-java6-jre` package from edgy-backports.

Sep 27, 2007 1:20pm
hzaida 38 posts

Topic: Applications / FlickrUppr hanging for me on Mac OSX

Hi finsprings,

We are working on a schedule now. And… will have a new build very soon. Will keep you posted! Thank you for the inquiry.

Sep 27, 2007 12:27pm
dhensley 5 posts

Topic: Applications / Help running the apps?

Thanks, this helps. I never saw this tutorial for the app, and when checking the history I see that the page was only added yesterday.

The FlickrUppr walkthrough shows you up to simulate motion detection, but it is indeed entering 'motion' on the console:


Look for 'Trigger a motion event by typing motion in the console view' on that page.
Sep 27, 2007 11:48am
Medium finsprings 268 posts

Topic: Way Off Topic / Open Source?

Cool. I bet that will make a lot of folks happy.

Sep 27, 2007 11:04am
Medium bcruskie 45 posts

Topic: Applications / FlickrUppr hanging for me on Mac OSX

Hi koolatron,

Welcome to the BUG beta program! I was unable to reproduce this issue on my Linux box in the following environments:

Ubuntu release 7.04 (feisty)
Eclipse 3.2.2
Java 1.5_12

Ubuntu release 7.04 (feisty)
Eclipse 3.3
Java 1.5_12

Could you please post your Linux, Eclipse, and Java version?

Sep 27, 2007 10:10am
Duster 6 posts

Topic: Suggestion Box / IRC Chat room

I myself would prob just used a detached client as I already hangout in one chat room sometimes so it would just be easier for me to open up another one

Sep 27, 2007 9:34am
Medium kgilmer 215 posts

Topic: Suggestion Box / IRC Chat room

Hi Duster,

No this is a great idea :). In fact we’ve been experimenting (http://eclipse.org/ecf) with adding IRC chat directly into the SDK, but because of some versioning issues are unable to release it. I’ll get back to you when we get something setup for this.

Out of curiosity, would you use an integrated IRC client in Eclispe if it ‘just worked’ or do you prefer to use a dedicated client?

Sep 27, 2007 9:29am
Medium kgilmer 215 posts

Topic: Applications / Help running the apps?

Yep finsprings you got it. And for some added context, the 4 modules you are using in the Virtual BUG utilize the same Java interfaces (and OSGi services) as the real hardware modules. However since they are all virtual we needed some way of getting the relevant information to the module. In the case of Motion, we decided on extending the OSGi shell as a way of signaling that motion occurred.

Sep 27, 2007 9:21am
Medium kgilmer 215 posts

Topic: Way Off Topic / Open Source?

Hey finsprings,

Our middle name is open source! In fact, even our pet’s middle names are open source, but if you ask them they probably wouldn’t realize it. In any case the source to the SDK and virtual bug are detailed on the FAQ page here:


We’re also working on getting the source attached to the JARs and that should be available in the next SDK release.

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