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Feb 22, 2008 2:13pm
Medium kschultz 107 posts

Topic: Way Off Topic / Just at school

What college are you guys at?

Feb 22, 2008 2:09pm
Hawkwing6 8 posts

Topic: Way Off Topic / Just at school

Yo es muy intelligente
Yeah right, i actually liked CA1, it was really easy, and i did what i wanted

I also alternated with JROTS and CA1
Feb 22, 2008 2:08pm
Medium kschultz 107 posts

Topic: Way Off Topic / Just at school

CS 220 - Data Structures - so far we haven't done all that much data structures, he has been doing intro to software engineering, but thats fine. The interesting thing is that he is doing it in Eclipse, but VERY badly. We are using the CDT plugin since it is in C++, and he is the only prof here that uses Eclipse, so everyone is grumbling about it badly. Worse yet, we run Eclipse off a central server through Sun Xterminal stations, so it is SLOW, I even hate the labs and I LIKE Eclipse. He also screws up in the lecture with it, he appears new to Eclipse. And of course he hasn't shown anyone the cool features like refactoring or debugging. I am doing something about it though because I don't want everyone turned off to Eclipse because of it, I figured out how to install it on Vista for a kid and now I'm thinking I'm going to post some instructions and ask him to pass the link along to the class.

Beyond that, the class seems good. Interestingly he is making us make our own linkedlist classes and what not and then we have to use them for the rest of the semester for all the data structures rather than the STL ones, that is not the way the class is usually taught but I like it because it forces you to learn more, you can't just make a linked list example that works in one situation and forget about it for the rest of the semester.

About the other ones:

Math 352 - Laplace/Fourier other PDE stuff, its actually a great class. I hated math until I hit differential equations and I've loved it since

Mech Engineering 202 - Design process & Solidworks, it seems alright (thats what I'm in at the moment, designing a "childs educational toy"), except that we seem to have spent more time in Excel than Solidworks so far, which is weak

Phys 245 - electricity and electronics, all the way up to OpAmps and what not,we're doing DC circuits at the moment which I first saw about 4 years ago in high school, then again in physics 1, and now again? How many times do we have to do this? Thats one to bring the laptop to.

Matieral Science 302 - more chemistry than I want, so far I have been unable to survive a lecture without falling asleep, we got it, 195 students in that class doesn't help me feel bad about it either. Thats where I am at the moment anyway, I've got drawings of crystal structure and tennis ball analogies galore whoohoo! Everyone else in my row is asleep, its rough,
Feb 22, 2008 2:06pm
acebanana 14 posts

Topic: Way Off Topic / Just at school

Computer Engineering 2 Honors FTW :)
Much more "intereactive" then playing bingo for 30 mins using email terms such as forward and reply…. I hate to have had Comptuer Apps I….

Feb 22, 2008 2:03pm
Hawkwing6 8 posts

Topic: Way Off Topic / Just at school

Guy accross from you in class
I know really, Honors Programming 2 is really easy, if not as boring as this one
Feb 22, 2008 1:47pm
acebanana 14 posts

Topic: Way Off Topic / Just at school

Dude I know EXACTLY what you are going through. Actually I am sitting right across from you. But yea, computer apps II is a rather mediocre class…. I wish they taught Java instead of old visual basic in programming….

Feb 22, 2008 1:42pm
anddarr 1 post

Topic: BUGbase / Slim line?

I think its a great that the bug gives you the option to create any kind of device you would like. Creating a new base that incorporates some of those devices takes away from that and more or less mainstreams the bug. Also in adding more functionality, some of the other functionality may have to be left out. Really the only device I can see being justified in a new model would be the LCD screen since probably over 50% of future applications will use it in some way. However if more features can be incorporated into the BUG without leaving out previous functions, I'm all for it :D
Feb 22, 2008 12:55pm
acebanana 14 posts

Topic: Meet & Greet / Hey everyone

I found out about the BUG when I was watching the local news channel a couple nights ago (N.C. Charlotte Channel 14 news), and it seemed pretty cool so I checked out this site and here I am :) . I don’t know much java, but I am fairly familiar with Linux so I look forward to when the BUG starts to ship in march :wink:

Feb 22, 2008 12:19pm
Medium mcaric 64 posts

Topic: Way Off Topic / Shipment

Hi enicky,

I apologize but unfortunately we don’t have an international shipping plan currently in place. You must have a billing and shipping address within the United States to place an order, but we will keep this space updated on international shipping information as it become available.


Feb 22, 2008 10:05am
User_img_not_found_05_med enicky 24 posts

Topic: Way Off Topic / Shipment

Hi … I got a little question concerning shipment

If i stay at a hotel, for a vacation or so , in the US. Is it possible then to ship the bugbase to the hotel ?

So i can still order the bugbase instead of waiting for international shipment ?

Thanks already!



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