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Mar 6, 2008 9:17pm
Lately 2 posts

Topic: Meet & Greet / Reading list

Sweet, thanks. I have C&B, and Hippel’s stuff looks interesting, too – I’ll definitely check it out.

Mar 6, 2008 7:48pm
Medium agordon 74 posts

Topic: Meet & Greet / Reading list

I think you can find a lot of details on Open Source in general at http://opensource.org/ and Free/Libre Software at http://gnu.org/ .

Specific to the BUG platform, you may want to check out, of course, our site at buglabs.net, but I'd also recommend taking a look at Prof. Eric Von Hippel's site, and his downloadable papers and books. Two that seem particularly appropriate are his paper, "How Open Source Software Works: Free User to User Assistance" and book, "Democratizing Innovation".

It's also been a while since I've read it, but "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" is basically a "required" F/OSS text.
Mar 6, 2008 7:32pm
Medium agordon 74 posts

Topic: BUG SDK / Getting Virtual BUG working...

Hi, Matthias.

Have you tried installing the Sun JDK?

$ sudo apt-get install sun-java5-jdk
$ sudo update-alternatives --config java

I'm not logged into a 64-bit Ubuntu system at the moment, but I believe that the sun-java5-jdk and sun-java6-jdk packages are available for 64-bit Ubuntu. You may need to enable the Multiverse repositories, if you haven't done that already. You should be able to find some good documentation on the Ubuntu wiki here about how to do that.
Mar 6, 2008 6:01pm
Lately 2 posts

Topic: Meet & Greet / Reading list

Can you folks help me put together a decent little list of papers + books on open source? I’m looking for favorites of yours, stuff you think is important…big(bug) picture stuff is very cool, too.

Much appreciated!

Mar 6, 2008 5:17pm
ajar 1 post

Topic: Official Updates / The store is live!

Hope you include India when you start international shipping ! :)

Mar 6, 2008 1:57pm
Matthias 2 posts

Topic: BUG SDK / Getting Virtual BUG working...

Okay, so I am new to eclipse, but I have it installed, as well as Dragonfly. Now I can get to the Dragonfly perspective…and I wrote the quick hello world program, saved, and then hit run as Virtual Bug…

I get a list of whats going on, but I get this attached to the end

Thu Mar 06 10:43:25 PST 2008 Added modlet factory com.buglabs.bug.emulator.modules.gps (GPS) to map.
Thu Mar 06 10:43:25 PST 2008 Added modlet factory com.buglabs.bug.module.camera (CAMERA) to map.
Thu Mar 06 10:43:25 PST 2008 Added modlet factory com.buglabs.bug.emulator.modules.motion (MOTION) to map.
Thu Mar 06 10:43:25 PST 2008 Added modlet factory com.buglabs.bug.emulator.module.lcd (LCD) to map.
Thu Mar 06 10:43:25 PST 2008 Creating manager but no Pipe, due to being a virtual BUG.
STARTING file:/home/matthias/Programming/eclipse/plugins/com.buglabs.dragonfly.bug.kernel_1.0.0.277/kernel/com.buglabs.bug.slp.jar #
  1. An unexpected error has been detected by Java Runtime Environment: #
  2. SIGSEGV (0xb) at pc=0×00002aaf5046ae11, pid=28360, tid=1085319504 #
  3. Java VM: IcedTea 64-Bit Server VM (1.7.0-b21 mixed mode linux-amd64)
  4. Problematic frame:
  5. V [libjvm.so+0×5c9e11] #
  6. An error report file with more information is saved as:
  7. /home/matthias/Programming/eclipse/hs_err_pid28360.log #
  8. If you would like to submit a bug report, please visit:
  9. <link removed for the forum> #

My initial thoughts are that I have the wrong Java Virtual machine, but I am also recently new to linux, specifically Ubuntu and generally dont have a good idea of how to change that if it is the case. Maybe the 64bit doesnt jive with the BUG? Can someone point me in the right direction?

Mar 6, 2008 1:53pm
Medium kschultz 107 posts

Topic: Way Off Topic / Just at school

Wow, we didn’t have any CS or IT at all much less specifics. Colleges would usually rather see continuity like Spanish 1-3 rather than Spanish 1, German 1, French 1. However for engineering stuff we don’t have to take a language at all, I took french 1&2 in high shcool but have no plans to continue.

Mar 6, 2008 12:55pm
acebanana 14 posts

Topic: Way Off Topic / Just at school

Well yesterday the lady came around helping us pick classes, and I have by tomarrow to turn in my sheet. I think I will take pre-cal honors (thats the only pre-cal they offer), Chemistry AP w/ Lab, US History AP, and English III AP. Along with some other classes like Spanish III, Networking II Linux, Gym (We only need to take it once, but I just never took it until hopefully next year XD ) and I would mind taking either Oracle DB I or that college experience class on Voice and Data cabling (i dunno know if you know what they are, its just where we leave school and go and attend the local community college instead but I think its two periods long so I might wait my senior year to do it when I have more extra space for classes. Or instead of taking Spanish III I could drop that, take the college experience class and take French I my senior year so I have two years of spanish and one year of french. That is unless colleges prefer 3 years of spanish…

I’ll definitly look into that book though. I need all the help I can get in US History :p

Mar 5, 2008 7:03pm
Medium mcaric 64 posts

Topic: BUGbase / Slim line?

Thanks for your patience, I finally got those measurements for you.

Measurements in inches: The base unit is 5.1 by 2.625 by .567. The LCD is 2.518 by 2.518 by .470, and the GPS is 2.513 by 2.518 by .755. Those measurements do not include the islands/connection slots on the base unit or the BMI interface connectors on the modules, as I’m assuming you would want the measurements of the base/modules when they are snapped together.


Mar 5, 2008 9:30am
Medium mcaric 64 posts

Topic: BUG SDK / Filter expression not well-formed.

No worries, glad you were able to get this to work for you. :)

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