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Feb 29, 2008 7:39pm
User_img_not_found_06_med cameronmclau... 8 posts

Topic: Java / new at programming

I am a student and I would like to know of any Suggestions for books, websites, or tutorials for java so I can program for the Bug.


Feb 29, 2008 7:37pm
Medium kschultz 107 posts

Topic: Suggestion Box / Which do you prefer: Mailing List or Newsgroup?

I voted for the mailing list. I don’t think there is much advantage to a newsgroup over this forum, it will just fracture the conversation already and this forum is starting to gain traction. What do we average about 5-10 posts a day? Even if you had a favorite tool for reading newsgroups you will spend more time launching that tool than clicking the "Read all since last visit" button here.

On the other hand, a mailing list is pushed to you. I follow a forum for each of my hobbies and sometimes you just forget about them for a while if you they aren’t all that active. This was the case for some of the open source projects I follow, but the mailing list pushed to you reminds you about it (though the 80 emails from the Orca project in my inbox also says you don’t always read them). But still, just the growth of that folder in my inbox reminds me, hey check out the Orca project soon, where as if it was a forum/newsgroup I might not ever check it again if I stop following for a while.

Feb 29, 2008 5:47pm
aroman 21 posts

Topic: Suggestion Box / Which do you prefer: Mailing List or Newsgroup?


Fair enough ;). I should’ve added 2 more options: Both and None.


Feb 29, 2008 5:36pm
Tueksta 12 posts

Topic: Suggestion Box / Which do you prefer: Mailing List or Newsgroup?

i’m just wondering, why people still use mailing lists and newsgroups in 2008. there’s so many better ways to communicate already, like this forum and irc and blog comments, that it seems strange to me to add this. but if there are programmers out there who still use these, great, but i can’t give a vote for either, sry :P

Feb 29, 2008 5:13pm
aroman 21 posts

Topic: Suggestion Box / Which do you prefer: Mailing List or Newsgroup?

Hi Tueksta,

I agree with you, however, I don’t think I was clear about the purpose of the mailing list or newsgroup. The idea would be to provide users who are developing software and/or hardware for the BUG with another method of communications similar to this forum and the irc channel.

I am interested to know if you still have the same opinion, and please vote for your preference.


Feb 29, 2008 2:23pm
Tueksta 12 posts

Topic: Suggestion Box / Which do you prefer: Mailing List or Newsgroup?

rss-feed in the blog is more comfortable than those two, in my opinion, and it already exists.

Feb 29, 2008 1:56pm
aroman 21 posts

Topic: Suggestion Box / Which do you prefer: Mailing List or Newsgroup?

Hi Everyone,

We would like to implement yet another form of communications for the BUG community. Currently we are discussing a BUG mailing list vs a newsgroup; which do you prefer?


Feb 29, 2008 10:42am
hzaida 38 posts

Topic: Meet & Greet / Hello from Luxembourg (Europe)



Niccceee, glad to hear you are having fun playing with the SDK. Any apps to share? :D

Will keep you posted re: international shipping.


Feb 29, 2008 9:02am
Prox 1 post

Topic: Meet & Greet / Hello from Luxembourg (Europe)

Hi everyone,

Greetings from Luxembourg! I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on the BugLabs products!
I’m having fun playing with the SDK and I hope that this innovative hardware will be available to us Europeans soon :)

Feb 28, 2008 4:26pm
Medium kschultz 107 posts

Topic: Way Off Topic / Just at school

Take as many APs as you can they are worth a lot and not that hard. I took several where I didn’t take the class I just bought a Princeton Review book and studied my ass off. I spent my spring break senior year studying for one all day, but I passed it and got 6 credits, thats is about $6,000 of tuition plus hundreds and hundreds of hours at school I knocked off for a $40 book and a $70 test along with 40 hours of work.

My experiance from easiest to hardest for the AP exams:
US Government
Comparitive Government
Comp Sci
Physics B
US History
Calc AB
Physics C Mechanics
Physics C E&M
Calc BC

Those are the ones I took except for Econ I didn’t take but know it was easy, I didn’t do languages. I did a bunch junior year (History, Physics B, Econ, Comp Sci) and the rest senior year. I came into school with about 60ish credits. That paid off in a few ones. Obviously it knocked off a lot of classes, but some you have to take again anyway (Calc) so now I just had a great background and got an A which was great. Physics C E&M isn’t required but now I have to take an electronics course and it is great background also. Plus at our school housing goes by credits, Seniors get first choice, freshman last. I came in as a sophomore so I got first choice for housing, same thing I get first choice on class schedule so last semester I had 2 days a week off and went snowboarding while all my friends had labs on those days. This semester I made all my classes start late so I can sleep in while other people have to go to 8am labs. Ap exams are a bargain in both money and time compared to school. If you don’t want to take them all, pick a major, look at what the school you are going t o takes for ap credit for that major, and crank them out in high school it will pay off huge in college. I am here for 4 years on a scholarship but some of my friends are graduating in 3 years and saving $30,000 because of $500 in AP exams.

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