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Bug Labs team mjuszkiewicz
OpenEmbedded and Poky senior developer
Member since: 11/12/08
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How to get BUG working with multiple systems

Most people working with BUG device use R1.4 as their operating system. But I am not one of them.Why? I am working on system which one day be R1.5 and to get it I need to have a way to boot different systems on BUG. But how to do that?Few things are required:U-Boot (which is required for R1.5 and optional for R1.4)microSD card (which is required anyway)images of different operating systemscard readersome timeFirst of all...
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How to set required SVN revision

Recently most (if not all) BUG components moved from CVS to Subversion. Many recipes got updated to that fact and set to fetch source from new repository. But the problem is that all of them have PV = "1.0" so each change to code require manual rebuilding instead of letting BitBake to notice new version and do new build.What I did in r7123-7125 was changing this. All recipes which fetch from http://svn.buglabs.net/ have now PV...
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