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Hardware-Software interaction is my bag, and so I work here as an...
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Beagleboard Touch Ups

In a non-bug related news...Last week we got some beagleboards in here to play around with. After been knee deep in u-boot work for quite some time, I noticed two pretty serious (for me at least) short-commings on the beagle's u-boot environment.1) No command history...2) When booting from the mmc/sd card, the Kernel can only boot off fat partitions...Fortunately the first issue is just a configuration file fix. The second issue was also easy to...
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Rootfs Flash without the Flash

With the final touches going onto R1.4 before it gets given to QA to tear up, the number of builds taking place per day has increased a bit. I prefer to test the changes that get made, so I'm regularly flashing my bug sd card. I was presented with a minor problem/challenge today: I had left my SD card reader at home and needed to get a new build running on my development bug.The solution:...
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Late night BlueZ...

Saying that the development of the Bug WiFi module has been a serious undertaking is a perhaps an understatement. Current and potential Bug users have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of a technology that is taken for granted in the world of closed source hardware and NDA restricted device drivers. Its easy to scoff at and criticise the absence of wifi on the Bug, and from a distant perspective I could agree that the absence...
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Linux 2.6.27 Nearly There...

So, over the past few weeks I've been working on porting the linux kernel v over to the bug. The driving force behind this was the addition of some much need instrumentation and debugging tools to the Kernel tree. We'd also prefer not to fall too far behind the current kernel release. Up to now we have been debugging almost exclusively with printk's which, depending on your point of view, might seem either arcane...
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