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Check out AutoBUG! The AutoBUG combines the BUG's hardware and connectivity (GPS, GSM, accelerometer, etc.) with data from a car via its CAN BUS. This system turns the car into a hotspot node on a network. The current iteration of this project should run on any GEN 2 Prius, which is one of the most fun and hackable cars around. See Brian's wiki info for some advice on how this project could be modified to...
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AutoBUG preview

We are ramping up for the Mobile World Conference here at Bug Lab. We wanted to have a little video to take with us to show what one BUG application could do - we picked the AutoBUG and had Erik Lang put our ideas into a visual format. For the complete movie, and the real potential of AutoBUG, you will have to wait.  But to wet your whistle, here is the outakes trailer.
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End of Year Greetings

Happy Holidays and New Year from Bug Labs!In addition to recent major releases, we've also been busy celebrating the Holidays, the end of the year, and each other.  For me, our Holiday Party and end of year strategy meeting was rejuvenating. We did some non-work related interacting and it feels like it's been a long time since we've done that.  I found out some new stuff about our team - do you know what employee...
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BUG + art: Follow up from the Skirball Museum

Congratulations Karen!  Karen Senefru has put together a very cool piece, bringing technology and ancient form together.  She describes it as a Techno-kisi, which is a first of it's kind modern form of the ancient nkisi .  From what I have learned so far, nkisi generally refers to a type of reverred 'container' of spiritually charged elements.  Many include minerals, earth or relics from the grave of a powerful individual or relative. The nkisi draws...
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BUG + art: Nkisi

Karen Seneferu and Asual Kwahuumba are collaborating on a very cool multi-media installation that will address how art can create possibilities for a civil future. The installation will gauge how technology crosses numerous spaces and times. The show focuses on a demographically diverse cast of contemporary artists working in California to create an interactive, multi-media installation that envisions a future of peaceful, sustainable, and civil co-existence. For her peice, Karen is making an nkisi -...
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Bug Labber's BBQ at Prospect Park

A week or so back we here at Bug Labs gathered to talk business, look ahead to the 4th Quarter and new year, share ideas, and ask questions.  We then headed to Prospect Park to enjoy a (rather cold) mingling session and bbq.  Matt P. brought his dog, there was frisbee, and Brian B. (pictured) really relaxed and finally gave us his natural smile.  I also learned Amie has never been camping (whoa). 
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High School Intern Makes Robot

We were lucky enough to have Erik join us for a bit during his summer break.  Check out his bipedal robot with a BUGbase talking to a custom Serial Servo Controller.  Thanks for joining us Erik!
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A summer afternoon at Bug Labs

Take a glmpse behind the curtain. Gaze upon Intern City. Check out our developers hard at work.  Study the hardware hackers of tomorrow. (Added Sept 3rd) Here you are mjuszkiewicz - the who is who.  The font is small so click to view it with a fuller screen.
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Talking about BUG at Columbia

Ivy, a classmate from my Alma mater, is working here in New York at the Columbia Institute of Tele Information.  She discovered that I was also in NYC and had me stop by for a lunch discussion with some research assistants, professors, and interns to talk about community hardware, BUG, and the career path.  And I got to get out of the office and eat Italian food. Nice.The group was not familiar with BUG, so...
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NY Java Meetup at Bug Labs

On Monday, we were lucky to have the NY Java Meetup hold their meeting at Bug Labs.  It as a big and great group.  We ate lots of pizza and Timothy Fagan gave a detailed review of JavaOne 2009. Here are some of the JavaOne 2009 slides we looked over: http://developers.sun.com/learning/javaoneonline/j1online.jsp?track=javase&yr=2009 We ate lots of pizza, tried a Java puzzlers from JavaOne and passed out some cool door prizes, including a copy of IntelliJ.  Alicia...
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