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Robotics and mechatronics have been my main hacking interest for the last...
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SWT on the BUG

All BUG applications today use Java's original GUI library, the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT). It runs really efficiently, but has limited featured compared to the modern widely used libraires. The primary alternatives are Swing, SWT, LWUIT and Java-GNOME. Swing and SWT are the most popular Java GUI toolkits today, and LWUIT and Java-GNOME are interesting but not as popular. Every Java devloper has a favorite in the Swing vs SWT debate, but for the BUG...
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BeagleBoard, Java, OSGi, and Benchmarking

The BeagleBoard is a sweet little single board computer from Texas Instruments, based on the OMAP 3530 processor. It features audio in and out, S-Video and DVI out, USB, RS-232, and an SD card (though surprisingly it lacks an Ethernet port or wifi onboard, so you must buy some extra parts if you want internet access). It has solid community support and well documented instructions for building an image with OpenEmbedded. The best place to...
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What is OSGi?

We mention OSGi at Bug Labs so often that sometimes we forget that a lot of people have never heard of OSGi or used OSGi before hacking on the BUG. I certainly hadn't when I came to Bug Labs a year and a half ago.  Today I want to post a high level outline of what OSGi is and why it is so important to the BUG. I won't cover writing an application with OSGi...
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Java VMs Compared III: Return of the Java VM Comparison

Five months has past since my first and second looks at Java VMs. At the time we were just releasing the version 1.3 of our Linux distrobution. This time around we are very close to the relase of version 1.4. During that time there have been new versions of all three VMs. Here at BUG, we have moved to a newer kernel (2.6.27) and have made considerable improvements to our initial forays into OE/Poky development....
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