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Do it with LWUIT!

Anyone who has written BUG apps with GUIs in AWT and said "hmmm, I wish there was a better way..." might be interested in this blog post from Shai.  While LWUIT, a new graphics toolkit from Sun and Sprint, has been available for awhile for CLDC JVM it is still not available for PhoneME Advanced as an open source offering.  A few days back at M3DD I was told that the remaining restrictions are legal...
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Jigsaw coming to a phone near you?

Here at the M3DD conference in San Jose, I was suprised to learn that Project Jigsaw, or the latest Java modularity effort, was mentioned in a presentation by Florian Tournier regarding PhoneME's 2009 road map.  There was no definitive time line or even a real discussion of requirements, but it has been identified as an important feature that may migrate to the mobile space from SE.  And when talking with other conference attendees it's become...
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Another round of FOSS Java Benchmarks

Kevin Shultz is back in the office and had some time to put together a refresh of his always interesting and sometimes contraversial take on FOSS JVM performance.  Interesting gains have been made by both JamVM and CACAO.  All of these JVMs were built from our Poky/OE build system with recipes that are currently available in the OE dev branch from the Jalimo project.  In other news we are just finishing up exposing our build...
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Heading to M3DD

I'm off to sunny (well today at least) California for the Java Mobile, Media & Embedded Developer Days Conference.  I will have a session about BUG that focuses on our Java and OSGi technologies and APIs.  I should be an interesting time and I get to talk about some new modules we are working on and hopefully get some feedback on BUG as a whole and our APIs specifically.  I will also get to meet...
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Relicensing with Eclipse

Several times in the past I've looked for some kind of Eclipse plugin that would let me add and change Copyright and License headers of my source files.  The problem was that the typical search terms are so general ("eclipse copyright plugin", etc) that I was never unable to find much.   But not today!  Today my search terms bore fruit.  Happily the Eclipse Release Engineering team, generous souls that they are, wrote this very plugin! ...
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R-OSGi, or how to call OSGi services remotely: Part I

When learning OSGi and discovering the power and simplicity of the service registry, a common thought is "Oh, I want to use this service remotely...how can I do that?"  And, well, currently the answer is you can't!   While there is active work going into remote services in R4.2, the existing OSGi specification only defines what happens inside of a single JVM instance.  But what if you really want to remote your OSGi? One sweet solution...
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OpenEmbedded Tools for Eclipse (OTE) 0.4.3 Live

After several weeks of eating my own dogfood, several critical bug fixes in the core file functionality of OTE have been addressed.  Reading through the BitBake python code is not that bad actually, and the source organization makes a lot of sense.  This release offers no new functionality, it just crashes less :)  Next stop: "Import Recipe as Project"  The updatesite is available at http://bugcommunity.com/downloads/files/ote/updatesite 
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Today we're happy to announce we are working with Robert Schuster and Sebastian Mancke of tarent and Jalimo on porting OpenJDK to the BUG.  We have watched excitedly in the past of progress being make in this effort from various developers, and wanted to get involved.  A few days back Robert reported his initial success with HotSpot and OpenJDK build from OpenEmbedded running on an OpenMoko phone.  This will have a big impact on BUG...
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CACAO + GNU Classpath on BUG

In order to support a partner, we needed to get a JVM on the BUG that had the commericial-friendly classpath exception clause to the GPL.  Unfortuantely phoneME does not have this, however GNU Classpath does.  I know of two JVMs we could use: JamVM and CACAO.  The Jalimo people have done a good job updating OpenEmbedded with the latest CACAO sources.  Marcin completed the work in getting a build image from sources with CACAO and...
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Cheap Ambient Audio: Round 1

My first TK project, a wall-wart sized device that plugs into a wall and plays audio from a sd/mmc card to a mono speaker, completely self contained.  No track selections, no LCD, not even a power switch.  Volume is about all I want.  I want to make several of these little babies and spread them through-out the office and my apartment with sounds from the beach.  So soothing. So I found some super cheap MP3...
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