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BitBake Commander 0.6.8 - Installers!

A new release of OpenEmbedded Tools for Eclipse is available that adds the ability to install a flavor of OpenEmbedded via a simple GUI wizard as shown below.  Currently available install profiles are OpenEmbedded dev branch, Poky Linux, and BUG-Poky.  Other OpenEmbedded distros can be easily added, as the wizard configures itself based on a bash script.  Other enhancements include:- UI cleanup - Existing project wizard is now an Import Project Wizard to follow my...
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OpenMoko, Open Hardware, and Open Discussion

First let me say that we at Bug are big fans of OpenMoko.  Not only have we benefited from the work that has gone into the product, they have also been a role model for us in terms of how an open consumer electronics company should behave, specifically to developers and the FOSS community as a whole. The recent news that OM would be pausing development on their next generation phone, and the departure of...
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Some Javadocs

People.  Sheesh.  You'd think the source code would be enough, but no, they want documentation.  Ha!For R1.4 the Javadocs are now available for the BUG Java/OSGi code and for pMEA.  If there is some code not contained here that you'd like to get the javadocs for let me know and I'll post them. 
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BUG World Tour Wrap-up

For a little over a year now I've been traveling around the world talking about BUG at various conferences.  I've been to California, Sweden, Switzerland, California, Texas, California, Turkey, Oregon, California, and Belgium.  Oh, and California.   A few days back I finished up my tour right here in NYC at CommunityOne.   I'm going to be taking some time off from travels (but not from work) in order to have a baby.   Well,...
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R1.4 Special Thanks

Now that R1.4 has finally left the roost, I'd like to thank two community contributers that really helped this release shine; Guillaume Legris and Chris Wade.Guillaume's work in MidPath is used in the BUG Audio module to provide player functionality in Java and OSGi applications.  Some work was required to adapt the library to our hardware and PhoneME.  Overall we are happy with the MidPath sound API and are glad that such a project exists! ...
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BitBake Commander 0.6.5

Another bug fix and feature update for BitBake Commander is available.  Notable differences:BitBake variable evaluation now happens on a per-recipe bases rather than just the global configuration.  This means variables like $PN now contain valid values.A variable browser dialog is now available, making it easy to search for names and values quickly.  Screenshot is below.In addition this version includes an updated project creation wizard that will give the user more feedback if there are problems...
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Back in FFFFFreezing NYC

Scale was great, a nice little warm break from the freezing winds in NYC.  Our session went pretty well, Matt and I talked about the BUG to a fairly packed room of interested folks [Video Part 1]  [Video Part 2] [slides].  When polling them, about half had done some embedded development, half had done some Java development, and 1/3 were familiar with OpenEmbedded.  I was encourged by these numbers.  We went over the BUG hardware,...
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Pulling my Funtoo portage tree from 10,000 ft.

 Matt and I are in the air on our way to LAX for SCaLE.  Turns out Virgin America as the internet in the air.  Had to give it a try, and found the latency and bandwitdth pretty amazing.  Here is me syncing my portage tree somewhere over Indiana.  A first?
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Peter and I got back from FOSDEM a few days ago...wow what a weekend!  I gave a talk in the embedded devroom [slides] about BUG and OTE and then an hour later gave a lightning talk [slides].  Attendence was great and I got a lot of good questions.  We ended up giving out a total of 10 BUGs to conference attendees.  Two were reserved for a contest announced in the embedded dev room for people...
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