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Eclipse Strife (bonus: We are the trollz!)

I was just catching up on some Eclipse Planet reading while waiting for a build, and came across a fun little dialog between Mike Milinkovich and Bjorn Freeman-Benson.  Essentially there is some discussion is to how the Eclipse Foundation balances the needs of its for-profit members and its open source communities.  This has been a long time souce of confusion for me, as once upon a time I did some small work on ECF.  The...
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Returned from OEDEM

I had an opportunity to join folks at OEDEM in Cambridge UK last weekend.  It was two days full of technical discussion about the future of OpenEmbedded and Poky Linux.  It was great of Phil Blundell and Reciva to host the event and take care of everyone.   I came away with a really good feeling about the folks involved and the ability for the community to move forward constructively.  I met several people that...
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BUGS Testing BUGS!

 We're working some spicy new features for our next release of BUG software.  To lessen the burden on our overworked QA team, we have been building a test rig that let's connect 4 BUGs up to a master BUG.  With serial I/O, hardware reset, and some modified SAMTEC cables to allow for module removal, most software test scenarios can be modeled.  The BUGs are controlled over GPIOs and serial exposed on the Von Hippel module. ...
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When Internet leaves streaks in the real world: case study

Sometimes we have to break away from the fun and games of day to day operations at Bug and focus on practical, real world, nut-and-bolts activities.  Today was one such day as by team effort we created the world's first IRC fart machine.  Using parts from around the office cobbled together and attached to the venerable Motherbug, now anyone can connect to us via IRC and let us know how you feel.  First off Matt...
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Mom's going Linux, like it or not.

Recently, due to breeding, it became necessary for me to begin sending large amounts of binary data on a regular basis to my relatives back in the Rocky Mountains.  This data typically gets rendered as pictures and videos, and is usually of the fresh young human recently generated from the breeding.  My mom needs a computer at home, mainly because her boss won't let her view the public PR page that dishes out all this...
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Concierge Tools for Eclipse (CTE) Update Available

Mainly a defect fix release, a new version 1.1.0 of CTE is now available.  There were several minor classpath resolution issues that caused some headaches, and caused often restarts of Eclipse to get many bundles working.  In addition there were some fixes to the launch UI, and these minor visual enhancements:1. CTE Projects are decorated as such2. Bundles have decorators on packages that are exported, making it easier to see what you're exporting3. New action...
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BUG Software Release 1.4.1 Now Available

We didn't want to take all the steam and thunder away from Apple today but we couldn't keep this release back any longer.  The next version of the BUG Linux operating system and associated applications is ready for download and install on you BUG.  This release contains many fixes and enhancements, some of which are so fresh we can barely even talk about them.  As always, we highly highly recommend using the latest BUG release...
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N-Body Simulations: Fun Fun Fun!

Several months back and M3DD, in an after hours session in a rather empty and dark cafateria on Sun's San Jose campus, I saw a demo of Kepler's Orrery on a laptop by the developer, Simran Gleason.  I was immediatelly intriguged and, when discovering it was available on the iPhone, picked it up.  Physics simulations in general have always interested me and the way that music was incorporated into the simulation was really stunning. Simran's...
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Editors, State, and steb 0.2.0

 It seems that some Eclipse editors just don't like being instantiated out of the blue.  Some editors store global state and other things in a project and expect to get access to that project.  So then steb goes to load an editor and ... fizzle, the editor has some kind of error.  To get around this problem I added the ability to override various editors installed in your Eclipse instance.  Checked editors will not be...
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Getting the files into Eclipse: steb

"The files are inside the computer.." is one of my favorite quotes from the movie Zoolander.  However, it's not that easy...there is a probelm.   I keep finding myself in the middle of some serious development effort and am coordinating between two or more different editor programs.  Usually it's vi and Eclipse.  Sometimes Mousepad comes along for the ride.  It works alright but causes me extra work, having to keep in mind the key bindings...
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