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It's all fun and games...

..until a bagel gets capped!  Be safe out there people!
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OpenJDK on BUG 1.3 Devices *Update: now with shark*

For awhile now, behind the scenes we've been working on getting a high-quality build of OpenJDK ready for our new BUG 2.0 device.  This VM offers great performance and up-to-date features on parity with what's available on the desktop.  Currently, this package is available for Angstrom distros.  The BUG 1.3 device uses Poky, another variant of OpenEmbedded.  I've adapted the recipes to build the OpenJDK (without Shark) such that it's compatible with BUG 1.3.  There...
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Publishing BUG data to Pachube

Interested in the Internet of Things?  Devices talking to each other?  Pushing data from your BUG to the cloud?  Check out what I did in a few hours with BUG and Pachube...
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Heading to JavaOne to talk about FOSS Java on ARM

I'm off to San Francisco for a few days to learn what new innovative lawsuits technologies are coming out of the Java ecosystem.  If you're attending would love to see you at my session where I get into the nitty-gritty about the state of free and open source Java platforms for ARM devices.
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Really, Apache Vysper, Really?!!?

I get to dip my toes into the middleware pool again.  Fun fun fun!  Apache Mina looks like an interesting and lightweight server platform.  Also XMPP seems cool, even though XML is SO 2005.  May as well call it CSV at this point.  But only after 14 or so nested directories I get to some client code that tests Vyspers's PubSub support.  Really, is all this nesting necessary?  Is there some bonus pool in the...
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J2ME-style Location API on BUG

Recently while wrangling with an internal project that required some basic location functionality, I became pretty intimate with the BUG location API.  While the basics of retrieving location information from the GPS device is pretty straightforward using the existing API, other use cases are not so easy.  Additionally, the API seems to leak more NMEA complexity that is really necessary.  So, I decided to make it better. This is when I discovered openlapi, a FOSS...
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Modular Java == Buildable Java

I started out today with a simple goal; "Let's build OpenJDK for OMAP this morning." I said to myself.  So I begin with a fresh build tree, pulling in the build recipes bit by bit.  I start to see unresolved depencency issues.  "No problem, I know where to get that." I mutter under my breath.  Then I hit another, and another.  "Rhino?  Really?!" I mutter as my mood darkens.  "SNOBOL-native?!"* In fact over an hour...
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Ångström on BUG

Thanks to Marcin's tireless efforts the Ångström distribution is now running on BUG: .-------. | | .-. | | |-----.-----.-----.| | .----..-----.-----. | | | __ | ---'| '--.| .-'| | | | | | | | |--- || --'| | | ' | | | | '---'---'--'--'--. |-----''----''--' '-----'-'-'-' -' | '---' The Angstrom Distribution bug ttymxc4 Angstrom 2009.X-stable bug ttymxc4This is important because it allows us to merge the Java and Web Service...
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Now that R1.4.3 is out the door and 2009 is behind us, we're spending some time to go back and document more of our APIs, tools, and modules.   Documentation can really be an overwhelming task, especially for something as expansive as BUG.  There's the Java APIs, the OSGi stuff, some JNI, device drivers, and something called 'Linux'.  Don't even mention the build system or our tools.  If we decided to document everything, we'd be at...
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BUG Software R1.4.3 Released!

  BUG Software Release 1.4.3 is now publicly available.  The RC1.4.3.7 was approved as a production release.  Binary images are available at http://www.buglabs.net/download.  Sources are available atsvn://svn.buglabs.net/bug/tags/releases/R1.4.3.  Javadoc is available at http://bugcommunity.com/development/javadoc/r1.4.3/bug/.  And release notes are available at http://bugcommunity.com/wiki/index.php/R1.4.3_Release_notes. Some open source projects we've used in this release: - JNotify (http://jnotify.sourceforge.net) - JmDNS (http://jmdns.sourceforge.net/) - FM-Classic (http://fm-classic.sourceforge.net/) - avetanabt (http://www.avetana-gmbh.de/avetana-gmbh/produkte/jsr82.eng.xml) Thanks to everyone internal and external that helped make this release happen! 
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