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Co-lead the consumer experience design practice in the chicago location. an industrial...
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ideas for flexible articulating modules

Hi there,I was sketching around some ideas and was inspired by the 'BugBot' on the development site a few weeks ago...I started to wonder what would happen if modules could be rotated, hinged....even motor controlled......so I sketched up this 'bridge module'...just an idea....would need some serious Mechanical engineering to make it real....does anyone see any value in this idea?...thought I'd throw it out for discussion. 
do you see any value in having an articulating bridge modules Vote Now!
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crowd sourcing hardware ideas design?

 I've been playing with the BUGbase and module 3D files and converted them into a bunch of very comonly used formats (rhino, IGES, STEP, OBJ) and also created a hypershot file to allow anyone to play with the color. Would it be possible to allow people to iterate on the hardware themselves, crowd source ideas and developments for the future? Even host polls on colors for future products?I'll also post these file on some common...
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