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I just gave $36 to last.fm

I've been a member of last.fm for a while now, since before they offered a music-streaming service (I think), back when they were audioscrobbler.  They still offer scrobbling services, which track your listening habits and allow you to go social on it.  I've even got the Scrobbl iphone app.Anyway, I primarily use last.fm for their (IMHO) better-than-pandora stations.  They don't do commercials, they don't have a rate-limit for fast forwarding.  I listen to Rachmaninoff radio...
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Marvell 88W8686, OLPC, libertas_tf... BUG as wifi AP?

I've been spending some spare time trying to get the BUG as a wifi AP.  I'd pretty much given up on libertas_tf because it was specific to the Marvell Libertas 8388 USB 802.11b/g cards (as I understand it), and the 88W8388 used in the OLPC XO-1.  Anyway, it looks like the OLPC XO-1.5 will be using the 88W8686 Marvell wifi chipset, which could have some sweet windfall for BUG users.  Have a look here:http://www.mail-archive.com/devel@lists.laptop.org/msg22226.htmlandhttp://wiki.laptop.org/go/Thinfirm_1.5Looks super...
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Qualcomm vs. Sierra

I've decided to use our community blog for some observations I come across during development here at BUG, so expect to see a lot of quick posts from me in the future. Anyway, this post was interesting.  http://blogs.gnome.org/dcbw/category/drivers/ I came across while looking around for some documentation for CnS on Sierra devices, and whether there was some groundwork done by the FOSS community.
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Using MPD, your BUGbase and BUGsound to make an audio server

&#The audio module has been out for a while now but it's still fun to hack around and see what can be done using the tools we have .  Peter has been asking for BUG-as-sound-server for some time now and I've tried a variety of solutions with varying degrees of success.  VLC's web front-end , xmms/php wrappers , etc...  The best solution I've found to date has been the project Music Player Daemon (MPD) and...
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Compile your own kernel

I've written up a pretty extensive wiki with instructions on how to compile your own kernel.  This is outside the scope of a build system like bitbake/OE/poky.  This is for users interested in kernel-hacking, users who want to integrate external devices with BUG and need drivers.  The example I used is for users who want to use a webcam with BUG.  Have a look, and remember, it's a wiki.  Feel free to edit!http://bugcommunity.com/wiki/index.php/Hand_Compile_the_Kernel
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How to make upgrading your BUG much easier

If you received your BUGbase earlier than May 15th 2009 and you haven't manually upgraded your BUG's bootloader then you've got Redboot.  What this means for you is:Your kernel resides in the BUGbase's onboard NOR.Before you upgrade your MMC or SD card, you'll need to flash NOR with a newer kernel image.HeadachesNobody likes headaches.  Why not ditch Redboot and relax with the convenience of U-Boot.  What does U-Boot mean for you?Your kernel resides on the...
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Fun with Java, our repo, java-gnome, and dbus-java.

I posted a few weeks ago about how our extras repository is now online.  Since then I've had some downtime to add packages to our repository at the request of other BUG developers and some of our community.  I was tinkering with openjdk-6-cacao (which is not yet available in our repo, unfortunately) and some cool, modern java libraries.dbus-java example:Java-gnome examples:java-gnome again: Look at those sweet native widgets right in your java app!  Can't wait to say...
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Bug Labs Codeswarm: 3+ years of code

This is a code_swarm generated video of Bug Labs svn/cvs activity over the last 3+ years... the giant explosions are large commits, usually the linux kernel source initial imports.  We'll likely see another giant explosion when Izzy brings in 2.6.30.  I should have overlayed the video with Gregory Isaacs' "Night Nurse" or Discovery's "Curby", or some other Bug Labs office staple, but we don't own the rights.  ;D Enjoy! 
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Total Request Live!

I've spent some time these past weeks trying to figure out a good way to get some extra packages into our online package repository.  After discussing with Marcin and Ken, we finally decided that we'd have our own extra overlay and buildbot slave that would build a meta-package and its dependant packages.What does this mean?  It means that we can bring in packages from OE, build them, and host the binaries (and relevant package-related metadata)...
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Features features features

The development team here at BUG has been grinding away at R1.4 of the BUG software stack for the past few months and I'm really looking forward to its release.  Why?  Well, for one, the ipkg system will be in place.  The implications of having a fully fuctional package management system, both client and server, are huge.  Below I'm using a release candidate of R1.4, Here's an example of what I mean:I've been working on...
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