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Friday afternoon remote debugging, remotely.

I had the opportunity to work on a nasty little defect from home this afternoon.  Some background:

Fast foward to yesterday where I've successfully been able to cross-compile and osgi-ify libbatthew , java-dbus , and bluecove.  With all that stuff built, I wanted to run a quick test and make sure all the build mojo was worked out (linking, cross compilation, bluez4 compatibility, openjdk-6 & classpath compaibility).  I planned to use the bluecove-tester-app.jar to test and make sure that java/jni/bluez interaction works at the basic device-scan level.  I stick all the jni libs in the right places and give it a whirl aaaand:


root@bug20:~# java -Djava.library.path=/usr/lib/jni/ -cp /usr/share/java/com.buglabs.bug.jni.bluecove.jar:/home/root/junit.jar:. -jar bluecove-tester-app.jar --console

BlueCove tester Console application (keyboard codes the same as in MIDP application) 2 - Start Client 3 - Stop Client 5 - Start Server 6 - Stop Server * - Run Discovery 7 - Services Search d - toggle BlueCove Debug T - Start TCK Agent q - Quit * error start error java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: com.intel.bluetooth.BluetoothStackBlueZ.nativeGetDeviceID(IJ)I java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: com.intel.bluetooth.BluetoothStackBlueZ.nativeGetDeviceID(IJ)I at com.intel.bluetooth.BluetoothStackBlueZ.nativeGetDeviceID(Native Method) at com.intel.bluetooth.BluetoothStackBlueZ.initialize(BluetoothStackBlueZ.java:136) at com.intel.bluetooth.BlueCoveImpl.setBluetoothStack(BlueCoveImpl.java:949) at com.intel.bluetooth.BlueCoveImpl.detectStack(BlueCoveImpl.java:482) at com.intel.bluetooth.BlueCoveImpl.access$500(BlueCoveImpl.java:65) at com.intel.bluetooth.BlueCoveImpl$1.run(BlueCoveImpl.java:1020) at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method) at com.intel.bluetooth.BlueCoveImpl.detectStackPrivileged(BlueCoveImpl.java:1018) at com.intel.bluetooth.BlueCoveImpl.getBluetoothStack(BlueCoveImpl.java:1011) at javax.bluetooth.LocalDevice.getLocalDeviceInstance(LocalDevice.java:75) at javax.bluetooth.LocalDevice.getLocalDevice(LocalDevice.java:95) at net.sf.bluecove.TestResponderCommon.initLocalDeviceConfig(TestResponderCommon.java:71) at net.sf.bluecove.TestResponderCommon.startLocalDevice(TestResponderCommon.java:66) at net.sf.bluecove.TestResponderClient.(TestResponderClient.java:124) at net.sf.bluecove.Switcher.createClient(Switcher.java:269) at net.sf.bluecove.Switcher.createClient(Switcher.java:262) at net.sf.bluecove.Switcher.startDiscovery(Switcher.java:326) at net.sf.bluecove.se.Console.main(Console.java:70) at net.sf.bluecove.se.Main.runConsole(Main.java:86) at net.sf.bluecove.se.Main.main(Main.java:54)


Ugly.  Looks exactly like my linker problem before.  Thankfully with the angstrom feeds being part of ipkg's config by default, it was easy enough to install ldd and determine if it linked correctly.  It didn't:

root@bug20:~# ldd libbluecove_arm.so         libc.so.6 => /lib/libc.so.6 (0x4000f000)         /lib/ld-linux.so.3 (0x2a000000) root@bug20:~#

Okay so recompile it and make sure it links with the appropriate -L flags to the cross compiler and now:


root@bug20:~# ldd libbluecove_arm.so         libbluetooth.so.3 => /usr/lib/libbluetooth.so.3 (0x4000f000)         libc.so.6 => /lib/libc.so.6 (0x4002a000)         /lib/ld-linux.so.3 (0x2a000000) root@bug20:~#

Looks good!  Except:

root@bug20:~# java -Djava.library.path=/usr/lib/jni/ -cp /usr/share/java/com.buglabs.bug.jni.bluecove.jar:/home/root/junit.jar:. -jar bluecove-tester-app.jar --console

BlueCove tester Console application (keyboard codes the same as in MIDP application) 2 - Start Client 3 - Stop Client 5 - Start Server 6 - Stop Server * - Run Discovery 7 - Services Search d - toggle BlueCove Debug T - Start TCK Agent q - Quit * error start error java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: com.intel.bluetooth.BluetoothStackBlueZ.nativeGetDeviceID(IJ)I

WTF!!!  So I recheck everything and even recheck my knowledge of linking and gcc flags and am I even sure my parents are my parents?  You know, one of those kinds of afternoons.  I resigned to let it go and resume fixing it today, remotely.  Remotely remotely.  I mean using openjdk-6 built-in sweet sweet remote debugging capabilities.  The fact that this is BUILT IN to openjdk-6 (at least for the zero implementation) means you just follow the simple java remote debugging instructions for eclipse and that's it.  I can even do it via our VPN and access the BUG sitting on my desk in the office to test.  30 seconds of setup and you just start stepping through code.  It's beautiful.

One thing that perturbed me was that the exception stacktrace gave an UnsatisfiedLinkError and the last method in the stacktrace was BluetoothStackBlueZ.nativeGetDeviceID(IJ)I .  But as I step through the code,  I see:

    private int nativeGetDeviceID(int id, long findLocalDeviceBTAddress) throws BluetoothStateException {

No native declaration?  That means... it's uh, not native.  But wtf is going on here?  Who says it's native?

root@bug20:~# zipinfo bluecove-tester-app.jar | grep BlueZ.class -rw-r--r--  2.3 unx    20622 bx defN 25-Dec-08 17:55 com/intel/bluetooth/BluetoothStackBlueZ.class

Why you little sneaky jar you.  I see what's going on here.  In some old implementation of bluecove, this nativeGetDeviceID was uh, NATIVE.  In my newer (2.1.0) it's NOT native.  For backwards compatibility they kept the method name "nativeGetDeviceID" despite the fact that it's not a jni call anymore. 

But how can I be certain?  I mean, I demand satisfaction.  I need to know that this is indeed the cause of my problems.  Naturally, the jar is binary-only, meaning I can't just inspect the source for the godforsaken line.  But I need to know!  So I google around for a decompiler in linux and behold: JD-GUI for linux!   Sure enough:

created on: 07/30/10

ooh I so have you now.  You little defect you:

private native int nativeGetDeviceID(int paramInt, long paramLong) throws BluetoothStateException;  

Next time I'll uh, just download the tester jar without the mind-bendingly-subtle divergent API changes pre-bundled.  That could have saved me a lot of pain, but then it wouldn't have been so rewarding to figure out, now would it?

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