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Nov 9, 2012 9:02pm
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As I girl with a penchant for all things sparkly, I have been interested in buying myself shamballa bracelet for a while (in case you’re not quite sure what a shamballa bracelet is, I have included an explanation to the end of this post).

I have wandered past several Worthing Market stalls selling shamballa bracelets recently, but I’m always dubious to the quality of the goods sold in such places.

When the opportunity to review one from Sparklable Jewellery – a handmade jewellery business started by Chris; a woman who adores the appearance and emotional impact of gemstones – arose then, I was really pleased.

The quality of this shamballa bracelets is fantastic; there is no risk of the gems inadvertently going astray (I have mentioned my fear of this in a previous KatSick bracelet review). I can adjust the pull-ties fairly vigorously too, without worry I might cause any damage.

This lovely bracelet is finished off with the inclusion of two Haematite balls, at the end of each pull-tie (long enough to allow the bracelet to be made into an anklet, if preferred).

Whether buying one of Sparklable shamballa uk for yourself or a loved one, you'll be pleased to know that each item arrives delicately wrapped inside tissue paper, and placed inside a shimmery gift bag.
I think any lady would love to receive one of these shamballa sale this Christmas - I have hardly taken mine off since it arrived! What is a Shamballa bracelet? 

Back in 1994, Mads Kornerup (Denmark) opened up his own jewellery shop in Rue de Sevigne, Paris, which relocated to New York just two years later. In both of its locations, the shop specialised in the retail of pieces inspired by Indian and Tibetans traditions, but it was "the NY years" which saw Mads begin to experiment with creating his very own jewellery designs.

2004 saw Mad team up with his brother Mikkel, to launch jewellery company shamballa bracelet uk, and in this year the duo released their first collection. The pieces – including the now iconic bracelet – were designed to “encourage the possibility of the wearer [connecting] with their inner compassion and wisdom”, and were inspired by the mythical Buddhist kingdom of Shambhala (also often considered the final chakra, found inside the hearts of all people).

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Forums Meet & Greet Sparklable Jewellery: Pink Shamballa Bracelet Review

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