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Oct 28, 2012 9:05pm
Medium lingzi 1454 posts

Canadian soccer certainly owes a debt of gratitude to a sibling of Christine
Sinclair for providing her with all the reason in the world to lace up a pair of
football boots. Ed Reed Elite Jersey . “I have an older
brother that played soccer and hes three years older than me and my parents tell
me that Id be so upset if I couldnt go to his practices and or his games or if I
went to his practices Id be so upset when practice was over and they had to take
the soccer ball away from me. So they just saw that I loved the sport so they
signed me up.” Sinclair hadnt even reached school age, “I got signed up for my
first team when I was four.” Scouted? “I dont remember filling in the
registration forms or anything like that but no.” Her time as a youth player in
Burnaby is the stuff of legend and it was the 1999 Womens World Cup Finals that
inspired her to pursue a professional career, “Id had coaches in the past that
had told me, oh, if you continue you could be on the national team, but I didnt
really understand what that meant. Watching the 1999 Womens World Cup it sort of
dawned on me people do this for a profession. Its respected around the world.
Its what I want to do.” Such motivation normally emanates from witnessing an
inspired performance. Not in this case. Perhaps it was the embarrassment of
having to watch Canada have seven slipped past them by the then World Champion
Norwegians during the group stage. Less than a week later, Sinclair celebrated a
16th birthday. She must have made a secret vow to her nation. With the
qualifying tournament for the London Olympics less than a month away Sinclair
could have been playing her club football in next summers host city after shed
agreed a deal back in 2008 to go and play for Chelsea. “It didnt happen because
there were issues with work permits because at the time it [Womens Premier
League] wasnt considered a full professional league and then obviously the WPS
started up and I made the decision to stay in North America and play.” WPS was
very much in the news last week following the announcement it had received
conditional sanctioning by the USSF. This came as much relief for Sinclair and
many of her fellow Canadian players. “Its huge. I was very excited to hear the
news. I think this league the WPS has the potential to be something great, it
just needs to be given the chance. All leagues sort of struggle in their first
few years and thats especially the case in womens leagues.” The league has
certainly had more than its fair share of struggles since launching back in
March 2009. Launched with much fanfare with seven clubs it will function next
season with just 5. Part of the approval requires the league expands to eight
clubs by 2014. “You sort of think that if a womens professional soccer league
cant survive in North America its not very good for the sport. Where else can it
survive? Its great to hear its been given at least one more season. Lets hope
people jump on board.” Santa had arrived early. He was also in evidence during
this months camp disguised as Secret Santa. “Its our second year in a row for
our national team where weve been in camp for a chunk of time in December and
were all pretty Christmas crazy here so you have a $20 limit where you go buy a
present and wrap it and stick it under a Christmas tree and draw a name out of a
hat. First person drawn gets to pick any gift under the tree. Some people get
stuck with some pretty bad gifts and some people get some pretty good ones”
Sinclair will spend her Christmas back home, “Im going to be heading up to
Vancouver to spend Christmas with my family. So Ill probably be there for a week
or 10 days.” Its not going to be all festive fun, when camp broke each member of
the squad was provided with a care package, “Oh yeah, we all got a nice present
from our coaching staff. We all got individual heart rate monitors and GPS units
for our training programs so they know what were doing.” A holiday fitness
regime essential as the squad counts down the days to BC Place and their London
Olympic fate. For Sinclair the Olympic qualifiers represents a long awaited
homecoming, “Im absolutely thrilled you know I cant remember the last time I
played a national team game in Vancouver never mind an Olympic qualifying
tournament. Its huge. For us as a team we know how hard it is to go down to
Mexico to play a World Cup qualifying tournament or an Olympic qualifying
tournament. Its hard. The crowd does make a difference.” Seems she wont be
lacking a cheering section, “To me personally to know Im going to have all my
family and friends in the stands I can not wait. I havent been in the new BC
Place so its just excitement Her Vancouver influence that began with a bigger
brother comes full circle when it comes to the matter of who Sinclairs greatest
mentor has been since her career began. “It has to be Andrea Neil. Just growing
up she was the person I looked up to. She took me under her wing when I was a
young pup been bought up by the national team. I was in youth national teams and
Andrea was someone I knew I could always rely on when things were not going the
greatest in soccer.” Around that BC Place excitement is the Made For This viral
campaign in which Sinclair talks that to be mentioned amongst the greats you
have to win something big. “At the very least some sort of World Cup or Olympic
medal as simple as that. Its one thing to win things with your club team and
national championships in college but to be considered the best player in the
world I think your national team has to do something big.” When the 2015 FIFA
Womens World Cup Finals kick off on home soil Sinclair will be 32 and as fitting
an occasion that would be to finally rid the ghosts of Deutschland 2011 she sees
the Olympics playing a part too, “I think ultimately yes but Im hoping that next
summer can do that as well.” Having yet again won the BMO Female Footballer of
the Year award theres many including the CSA whod like to see Sinclair in the
argument as Canadas top athlete. Shes unsure though if shes even on this years
short list named for 1 of Canadas greatest ever Olympiad, Bobbie Rosenfeld. “I
have no idea. Is that bad?” Sinclair is though fully aware of what it would mean
to win, “It would be the hugest honour a Canadian female athlete can get. Im
hoping next year I can win it when I come home with an Olympic medal.” Away from
work Sinclair is a keen observer of the sport and for someone who herself has
been short listed for the FIFA World Player of the Year award shes firm in her
reasoning over the Ronaldo or Messi debate. Where she comes down heavily on
favour of the diminutive Argentine, “I think hes more of a complete player, more
of a team player than Ronaldo. Dont get me wrong, Ronaldo can do some amazing
things but he might be a little bit more selfish than Messi. Messis on the best
club team in the world and he leads that team.” Sinclair grimaces at the thought
of Barcelona, “Im a Liverpool fan.” No prizes for guessing who she will be
cheering for at Euro 2012. “Ive just always rooted for England I love the EPL.”
Leaning back on her allegiance she reveals, “Steven Gerrard for me has been my
favourite player for years and years and years. I just sort of root for them.”
With an eye on her own style she added, “But watching the product on the field,
I love Spain.” In the prime of her career when eventually she leaves the pitch
the intention is very much to stay in soccer. “Im going to stay involved in the
game in some aspects. Ive always been intrigued by the physical side of soccer
so whether thats not necessarily a coaching position but maybe a physiologist
type of approach to the game.” Her legacy still to be defined, Sinclairs
humility shines through when asked, “I dont know. I hope its someone that led
Canada to their first World Cup or Olympic Medal in Womens soccer.” London
Calling. Ed Reed Womens Jersey . Emond, who also had
an assist on the night, beat Armada goalie Storm Phaneuf with Jess Tanguy off in
the penalty box for goaltender interference. Andre Bouvet-Morrissette and
Michael Santini added a goal and an assist for Drummondville (25-28-8), while
Guillaume Gauthier also scored. Joe Flacco Womens Jersey . Watch the game
live on TSN tonight at 7pm et/4pm pt. The younger and far more athletic 76ers
escaped Beantown with a split and will now have an opportunity to take control
of their Eastern Conference semifinals series with their more ballyhooed rivals
in the pivotal Game 3 at Wells Fargo Center on Wednesday. http://www.shopthebaltimoreravens.com/haloti-ngata-jerseys?women=18
.m. ET live on TSN and TSN Mobile TV. Canadas Sports Leader will also air two
prime-time CFL specials leading up to the preview show on Monday: Journey to the
Grey Cup: The 2011 B. Haloti Ngata Jersey . The rookie first-round
pick agreed to a four-year contract on Monday. Hes eager to compete for a
starting spot on Philadelphias defensive line when training camp opens next
month. Torrey Smith Womens Jersey . —Lance Ten
Broeck chooses to carry a bag rather than swing a club for a living to make more
money.GLASGOW—Rangers will begin next season in the fourth tier, Scotlands
lowest professional league, after the move was approved by the countrys football
authorities on Friday. The Scottish Football League announced that agreement had
been reached following weeks of discussions to allow a reformed Rangers
conditional membership of the Scottish Football Association. Rangers, Scottish
champion a record 54 times but put in bankruptcy protection because of tax debts
exceeding $30 million, is now set to visit grounds with seats for just a few
hundred fans next season. A statement on behalf of the Scottish Football League,
Scottish Football Association and the Scottissh Premier League said: “We are
pleased to confirm that agreement has been reached on all outstanding points
relating to the transfer of the Scottish FA membership between Rangers FC (in
administration), and Sevco Scotland Ltd, who will be the new owners of The
Rangers Football Club. Terrell Suggs Youth Jersey. ” The statement
also said that Sevco, which bought Rangers assets for 5.5 million pounds ($8.7
million) last month, had agreed to accept a 12-month transfer embargo beginning
on Sept. 1. The repercussions of Rangers financial meltdown have seen the club
banned from European football for three years, and the loss of many of its best
players. ’ ’ ’ 

Nov 1, 2012 1:26pm
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