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Dec 4, 2008 11:54am
Img_missing_medium cyleleghorn 4 posts

ok, this will basically turn your bug into a nightvision camera. there needs to be a module with ten infrared leds on the module, you put that and the bug camera module on one side, then you put bug view on the side facing you. you run a camera application, then bam!! night vision. you could also use it as a tv-B-gone, or with some clever programming, a telivision remote!

Dec 8, 2008 11:19am
Medium Bug Labs team agordon 74 posts


I really like the idea of IR on BUG. I believe that it will open up the platform to do lots of fun and interesting things.

Along those lines, I’m hoping to start doing some work in the Bug Labs test kitchen at some point in the future with IR LEDs and light sensors, solar cells, photoresistors, etc., interfacing to the BUG via the VonHippel module. Once that work is underway, I’ll make sure to post results here and in the Test Kitchen section of http://community.buglabs.net/ .