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Jan 7, 2009 3:44pm
Img_missing_medium timg 6 posts

I’m not sure I understand enough about how WiFi works to ask this question, so bare with me:

One Bug device I’d love to make is pretty simple: I want a GPS and a WiFi connection. That device could live in my backpack. It would know the current position and log of where I’ve been. Along with that, it would provide a mini "server" that I could connect to to ask (for example) where I am and where I’ve been (over TCP/IP).

The way I’d use this would be to write a client for (for example) an iPod touch. The Touch client could display a map (etc) and get the position info (over WiFi) from the device.

The thing is, to connect over wifi, you have to be able to connect to a router (I guess?). So, can the new WiFi module act as a router itself? Or would both my Touch and the device have to connect to a separate router (making this idea useless). Or is there a way to make a (peer to peer) connection between the two?

I may be asking the wrong questions, but I hope someone can understand what I’m getting at. Any insight would be helpful.


Jan 10, 2009 10:01am
Medium Bug Labs team agordon 74 posts