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Dec 31, 2008 4:45pm
Img_missing_medium supercatman 2 posts

I understood that I would be shipped the VHP for free when it was developed due to my very early purchase?

Jan 2, 2009 11:18am
Medium jennyw 20 posts

Hi supercatman,

You most definitely will be getting a free von Hippel module if you were an early adopter – the reason we haven’t sent these out yet is that we’re waiting to see when our camera module will be ready to go out, and we wanted to try to ship those together. If it turns out that the camera is still going to be a little while, we’re planning to go ahead and start shipping out the VH modules to everyone.

If you (or anyone else reading this!) would rather have your von Hippel module now and not wait for the camera, please send an email to support@buglabs.net and we’ll get that out to you as soon as possible.


Jan 2, 2009 2:06pm