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Mar 25, 2008 3:26pm
Img_missing_medium steveinor 1 post

Can I build a unit with duplicated modules – e.g., two displays? Are there any limitations to the combinations of modules?

Thanks -


Mar 25, 2008 8:14pm
Medium Bug Labs team agordon 74 posts

Hi, steveinor. Welcome aboard!

Yes, that's the idea. You should be able to plug in any number of modules of any type into the BUG and create your own device.

Perhaps you want a handheld video game where two people play against each other, both holding the same BUG but looking at opposing screens. Or, a motion-driven game where you need to follow a sprite that moves from screen to screen across four attached LCD panels. Or, maybe you want to create a device with two side-by-side cameras that takes two simultaneous pictures and merges them into a single 3d image, or cameras on both sides of the BUG for use in a home security system that watches two areas of a room simultaneously.

All of these should be possible, if not now, then at least at some point in the near future. I believe that there may be a few multi-module support issues at the moment, and it may depend on the type of module on how well this works.

Feel free to download our SDK and try out multiple modules in the virtual BUG! :D
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