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May 7, 2008 10:25pm
Medium Bug Labs team finsprings 268 posts

More often than not I can’t get the base to power on, even after a full charge, unless it’s plugged into the AC adaptor. For example, I had it charging at work today and the red led was off when I unplugged it and came home. Tonight sliding the power switch did nothing until I plugged in the AC adaptor. Plugging in the adaptor the led briefly flickered red then went off, presumably because the battery is already fully charged. But then, with the adaptor connected I slid the switch and the bug powered on.

Once it’s on I can unplug the adaptor and it stays on. This happens quite often.

Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot this?

May 9, 2008 3:16pm
Medium jennyw 20 posts