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Oct 3, 2010 4:50pm
User_img_not_found_06_med cameronmcl... 8 posts

Will BUG WiFi still be supported when BUG 2.0 comes out. For instance get updates. Or is BUG 2.0 going to be the new main focus.




Oct 5, 2010 11:32am
Medium Bug Labs team jconnolly 285 posts

Will BUG WiFi still be supported when BUG 2.0 comes out.

The short, official answer is No.  However, with most of the work on 2.0, I’m trying to make it pretty easy for legacy users to receive the upstream benefits from our work on 2.0.  This is a multi-faceted question, with a multi-faceted answer.

For instance get updates. Or is BUG 2.0 going to be the new main focus.

2.0 is definitely the focus.  But…

  • SDK:
    • Pretty much 2.0-only right now.  There were many changes to the osgi-bundles corresponding to the base, to the modules, etc. 
  • BUG-SW:
    • 2.0 only (trunk, in svn). 
    • It is possible to build Angstrom for the mx31-based BUG, but there are a few pitfalls here and there that I’m trying to smoothe out and document. 
  • Legacy code/artifacts:
    • The repo is still online for the mx31 BUG
    • The rootfs images are still available for download
    • Older SDK will work against mx31 BUGs
  • Modules
    • This is a bit complicated.  of our NEW modules, many will not work with the mx31 BUG.  Namely:
      • New BUGcam
      • New BUGvideo
      • New BUGview
      • New (modded) BUGlocate
    • Of the old (i.e. bought before our 2.0 launch) modules, the following will be incompatible with 2.0 (base):
      • legacy BUGview
      • legacy BUGcam (unreleased)
      • legacy BUGlocate
      • BUGbee (preliminarily, more SW work to be done for compatibility tests)
      • BUGsound (preliminarily, more SW work to be done for compatibility tests)

Ideally, when the dust settles around 2.0 work, this will be picked up a bit.  My work-items (and I would love some help from our loyal community) would be:

  • Provide a branch in svn for the BUG-SW based on oe-stable (just like 2.0) but for mx31
  • Provide a branch in svn for SDK builds for mx31 BUGs running the aforementioned Angstrom hybrid
  • Update our repo to provide access to BUG packages for the mx31-Angstrom hybrid SW
  • Document necessary HW/SW mods to support legacy modules, where possible, on Base2.0
  • Document necessary HW/SW modes to support new modules, where possible, on mx31

There are many cool upgrades that 2.0 gets that are really independent of the fact that we’re using new HW.  Some reasons why people might be interested in using our new platform on their mx31-based BUGs:

  • Built against oe-stable, access to Angstrom’s feeds
  • openjdk-6-zero replaces phoneme
  • possibility of using BUGbase-wifi + Libertas Thinfirm driver for BUG-as-AP with hostapd (this will require some significant driver-rewrite, not a freebie)



I hope this answers your question.

Oct 16, 2010 10:38am
Medium GNUtoo 10 posts

It’s not that hard to backport some of the bug 2.0 changes,

The main thing to do is openembedded integration. I started doing it but because of an hardware screen issue I stopped.

Basically here’s the status:

Normally it should boot and start the usb0 interface permitting you to ssh in it, but I  don’t remember if usb0 comes up at first boot or only at the second one. I’m firing a build to check.

Then here’s what it will take to make it work:

  •  Fix the calibration issue: there is many ways to do it: add a calibration scripts that uses tslib_calibrate, I made one but I can’t test it anymore and  add the calibration file or switch the kernel driver to evdev and make it calibrate with xinput_calibrator
  • fix the windows manager loading: the bug 1.x can have 2 screens, and so it need special handling of x-window-manager starting in /etc/X11/Xsession.d
  • openjdk which is in openembedded must be checked for seeing if it works well
  • optional: add the progress bar on the monochrome bubase screen

And finally a bug image should be made, for now I’ve only a sato2 image that is not in oe yet.

I should really look after fixing my hardware screen issue I bet.




Oct 17, 2010 9:15am
Medium GNUtoo 10 posts

I’ve checked. first boot is garbage: even the serial console login prompt doesn’t come.

but at the second boot console stuff works



Oct 17, 2010 6:50pm
User_img_not_found_06_med cameronmcl... 8 posts

Cool! Thank you for the update.


Thank you,


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