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Apr 5, 2008 2:12pm
Img_missing_medium johnkzin 9 posts

Usually tech specs pages list the physical dimensions of the unit … but I didn’t see them on the bugbase product page.

Anyone know them?

Apr 5, 2008 5:12pm
Medium Bug Labs team kschultz 107 posts

Complete Box with product - 2lb 2.75oz
Base - 5.375 oz
LCD - 1.5 oz
Camera 1.25 oz
Motion and GPS - 1.125oz
Power adapter - 5.5 oz

Measurements in inches: The base unit is 5.1 by 2.625 by .567. The LCD is 2.518 by 2.518 by .470, and the GPS is 2.513 by 2.518 by .755. Those measurements do not include the islands/connection slots on the base unit or the BMI interface connectors on the modules, as I'm assuming you would want the measurements of the base/modules when they are snapped together.

From this thread, it was a side topic

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