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Feb 14, 2008 5:51pm
Img_missing_medium code_slave 12 posts

Hi Guys,
I know your not ready to release Circuit diagrams yet.

But can you release details of the LCD interface.

Specifically , the graphics chip, and the connection system to the LCD
Or is the Graphic Chip/subsystem stored in the LCD module?

I’m interested in the "bug base" clipping INTO something , rather than the something clipping ONTO the bug base.
However my specific requirement is at least a 10.4 LCD touch screen (800*600)

Feb 15, 2008 12:09pm
Medium Bug Labs team mcaric 64 posts

Hi code_slave,

The graphics chip is part of the mx31 processor, you might want to check out the freescale website located here:


This is our platform, freescale has a linux distro which we made some minor modifications to. And the LCD is QVGA.

I think we answered all your questions, let us know if we missed any ;)


Feb 16, 2008 1:53am
Img_missing_medium code_slave 12 posts

Hi guys,

thanks for the fast reply.

A better link is:

Feb 16, 2008 6:29pm
Img_missing_medium code_slave 12 posts

I still did not find any circuit diagrams.
The CPU device interfaces to a graphics chip or directly to an LCD , but neither on your site OR in the data sheet can i find anything that gives the resolution of the display.

I’m going to be starting my MSc Dissertation in a few months,
but so far I have looked at 3 different platforms

Atmel AT91RM9200
Samsung S3C2440A
Intel PXA270

Non of which really support java directly, and I’m not much in the mood to pull together a C/C++ GUI application.

I would very much like to do it on your product, but for what I have planned it requires a larger LCD, and yes i know i would potentially have to hack the hardware.

Feb 18, 2008 5:01pm
Medium Bug Labs team mcaric 64 posts

Hi code_slave,

Our LCD module is 320×240, but if you’re going to hack into the hardware yourself the results will vary. Check out this link:


On page 9 in section 2.6 for the Display Port you will find the answers you are looking for.


Feb 18, 2008 7:06pm
Medium Bug Labs team kschultz 107 posts

What are you displaying on an LCD? Do you have a specific screen in mind? I think there are USB -> VGA adapters out there, if you aren’t putting something very graphically intense on it I wonder if it would be easier to hack from that route? It would probably be worth a look.

The issues I see being a factor:

-Does linux support it?

-Power supplied from the USB port on the BUGbase, since it is mini-USB rather than a full USB the converter needs its own power supply, and you will need a mini-usb to fullsize usb converter

How much bandwidth can you put through a USB>VGA converter? I’m not sure but I’m sure it is sluggish compared to a regular VGA connection

-Does you screen have a vga connection? I would assume so.

-How much room do you have? The one I found looks pretty big, it certaintly wouldn’t be as elegant as the BUG clipping into something


There are a lot of problems to be solved but I have to believe going down that route would be easier. I think it is mostly a Linux driver issue (if that) and a power issue for the converter, both of which seem easier to solve than building your own module. However if you getting it working this way, I believe it was mentioned somewhere that the module connnection is based off the Linux USB driver so it might be easier to do this first and than port it over to a module later? I’m not sure, but if it where me I’d try this first, although you would burn a bit of money on the adapters and some time trying to make it work, you are guaranteed to spend a lot of time hacking the other way before you even find out if it works. You can also start now, if you get an adapter and get it to have a display from a Linux desktop you are most of the way there, then when your BUG comes you just have to deal with the power issues, where as if you wait for the BUG to hack, you won’t even be able to start yet.

My 2 cents,

Feb 19, 2008 9:06am
Img_missing_medium code_slave 12 posts

Hi Kschultz,
Money is not usually an issue. when you are spending > 30,000US$ on an education!

I have a number of ideas related to a dissertation for my MSc.
If you understand the process, you will understand that I have to quote & reference all my sources and that includes myself.
which can make tracking dissertation references very difficult if you are discussing a project on several bbs systems.
That’s why I’m not getting into detail.

What I don’t want to do is spend another $700 US on useless hardware, value for money is the key here.

LCD displays do not need VGA connectors, and after checking out the data-sheet (http://www.freescale.com/files/32bit/doc/prod_b… ) I can see the chip is good up to 1024×1024 if you do not "abuse" the system, This is above my requirement and even gives me a nice edge.

Even bringing in a secondary graphics chip such as the Epson S1D13Xxx range , which already have linux drivers for arm written, would not be a major problem.

Hacking hardware holds no particular horrors for me, and I have access to significant resources, plastic toolmaking,metal stamping , Chip bonding, manufacture etc.
In fact given the Bug Schematics /case design and other details , I could probably turn it round from paper to hardware and final manufacture in about 30-45 days.(no I am not kidding )

The built in R/F version could potentially be the kiss of death, because the RF has to be certified in each country , then there are local product safety standards to meet.
Better the R.F is a separate module.(usb plug in), makes certifying the base station for basic EMC far easier, and production more streamlined.

To be honest it’s not the bug I’m interested in but rather the environment & software, which gives me speed to prototype my ideas,
But what I do not have is time as I’m working to a deadline.

Mar 29, 2008 11:55am
Img_missing_medium araghuraman1 1 post

I am trying to do a similar thing. Namely, hook up a Samsung USB display
(can be seen at ewiz dot com)
to the USB port of the bug. What else do I need to make the bug use this
as a monitor?

Mar 29, 2008 3:31pm
Medium Bug Labs team agordon 74 posts

Hi, araghuraman1.

If you’re looking to connect via UbiSync, the last time I checked, it was not supported under Linux. Even if it was, I think it also may require a little more RAM and CPU than a BUGbase provides.

I hate to give bad news, so I’ll do a little research on this and hopefully find something to contradict what I just said. Maybe it is possible.

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