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Jan 8, 2013 7:50pm
Medium lingzi 1454 posts

The Rouge takes a look at each team and poses their biggest question heading
into the off-season. Roddy White Jersey . Today, the Toronto
Argonauts. Seemingly every year, in every sports league, the same question is
asked about the championship team. Is this the beginning of a dynasty? History
proves that is almost never the case, so with the Toronto Argonauts, lets stop
short of using the “D” word and instead ask: are the Argonauts set up to
maintain their 2012 success? With Ricky Ray leading the offence behind centre,
and Chad Owens heading an impressive receiving corps – not to mention his
special teams prowess – the offence looks in good shape for the foreseeable
future. Even Chad Kackert, after his impressive playoffs run and Grey Cup MVP,
looks poised to join the elite running backs in the CFL. Kackert is a free agent
this off-season but reports indicate the Argos pl