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Oct 16, 2009 11:57pm
Medium jpdelacroix 3 posts


I’m using Eclipse and I have two projects. The first is a BUG project I created using the Dragonfly SDK and the second is a regular Java Project. I would like to use the code from the Java Project in the BUG Project without copying it all over (since the Java Project is a rather large project). I included the Java Project in the BUG project (via the Build Path); however, when I try to run the BUG application I get the following type of error:

org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Error starting bundle Bundle [38]: file:/usr/share/java/apps/MotionDetection.jar
        at ch.ethz.iks.concierge.framework.BundleImpl.startBundle(Unknown Source)
        at ch.ethz.iks.concierge.framework.BundleImpl.start(Unknown Source)
        at com.buglabs.osgi.shell.commands.concierge.Start.execute(Unknown Source)
        at com.buglabs.osgi.shell.internal.ConsoleListener.run(Unknown Source)
        at java.lang.Thread.startup(Unknown Source)
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.example.HelloJava

I’ve copied over the jar from the BUG to my desktop, and it doesn’t contain any of the files from the Java Project it would need to run.

So my question is, how do you I properly include a Java Project in a BUG project?

Thank you,



Oct 19, 2009 10:31am
Medium Bug Labs team jconnolly 285 posts

Hi jpdelacroix,

The BUG runtime has no notion of your Java Build Path in eclipse, the OSGi way is to list the package namespace to be imported in your Import-Package: declaration in your MANIFEST.MF.  The Framework will then know to load the corresponding bundle to satisfy the required imports.  Have a look over at the rather detailed tutorial here:



Oct 21, 2009 2:22pm
Medium jpdelacroix 3 posts

Thanks for the tip! Turns out I really needed to run my application separately from the bundles anyways, since it requires Java 1.5/1.6. I cross compiled the newest JamVM and GNU classpath and use those to run my Java 1.5/6 application. The bundles that access the hardware run in the OSGi framework and exchange data with the application in JamVM via a socket on the loopback device. Probably not the most elegant solution, but it works.

Is it possible to substitute pMEA with JamVM without breaking everything? It’d be great if I could push my application down into OSGi and avoid using sockets to share information.

Thanks again.

Oct 21, 2009 2:45pm
Medium Bug Labs team jconnolly 285 posts

oh wow cool… there are only a handful of phoneME-specific classes used in our entire API (IVonHippelSerialWriter) which would cause a runtimeexception if used.  Other than that I think you should be able to swap out the VM without worrying.  In fact motherbug is running on cacao-openjdk6 and all I did was swap out the JVM’s. It’s interesting that you ask though, because I’m going to try to move away from javax.microedition classes and towards librxtx.  The upcoming R1.4.3 version of our stack will include avetana-based bluetooth support, which also relies on some CLDC-specific classes.  That effort would be slightly more complex to re-implement.

Either way, have at it!

Oct 23, 2009 12:15pm
Medium jpdelacroix 3 posts

Yes, I think it’d be a great to have the BUG (and its OSGi framework) run with a VM that is Java 1.6 compliant. Java generics introduced in 1.5 and the Java concurrency work that went into 1.6 make Java applications so much more powerful.

Oct 23, 2009 12:24pm
Medium Bug Labs team jconnolly 285 posts

Yeah we have some backported concurrency libraries as part of our stack (edu.emory.mathcs.backport.java.util), but generics sure are nice.  Not to mention all of the cool extra libraries out there that require a >jdk1.4 compatible VM.  Not to mention the lack of swing or a nice GUI framework in phoneME… I could go on.  ;D

We’re working on the option of using a JDK1.6-compatible VM but it’s not yet ready for production.  stay tuned!

Aug 14, 2012 2:02am
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Aug 17, 2012 8:25pm
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