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May 3, 2013 10:20am
User_img_not_found_03_med liliang 4 posts

Report according to Italian medium 《Mediaset 》 , AC Milan(official tiny Bo data) forward Ba Luo especially the benefit break up with girl friend aroma Ni recently, for venting brokenhearted depressed, he”with the hand” bought a Ferrari F450 sports carses Nike Free 5.0 V4! Since 2012 the end of every years, expect Luo benefit and Belgian mold especially especially the aroma Ni-Ni thou a kind of insect sink into inseparablely madly in love in the middle, aroma Ni’s seeming is wave sub- Ba Shen’s”true life sky female”.However Italian medium 《scandal radio station 》 reveal recently, 2 people have been already broken up now.As for break up reason, streets once rumours Ba Shen meant if emperor’s horse(official tiny Bo The Royal Madrid football club Audience:2085789 people +Listen to have already listenned to May 3, 2013 of latest news 06:46 card west benefit the second Si receive the big area of Madrid gives of gold medal.More datas) win to receive especially more in the hat(tiny Bo special subject) half finals in Europe virtuous, let the aroma Ni accompany for emperor polo member to sleep, however this matter have already encountered the official denial of Milan Womens Nike Free 5.0 V4. No matter what reason, see to expect absolute being really have already terminated this romance currently.For the sake of on leaking brokenhearted depressed feeling, expected Luo benefit to buy a selling price as the Ferrari F450 type sports car of EUR 250,000 especially!A friend who expects absolute being said that this is that he comforts his own the only way.To know that annual salary that expect absolute being in the Milan is EUR 5,000,000 buy a set Ferrari also however is “drizzle” just.