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Jan 19, 2013 3:12am
User_img_not_found_03_med ssigeamd 9 posts

Heat (26-12) two-game winning streak. LeBron – James scored 39 points, eight assists and seven rebounds, Dwyane – Wade scored 27 points and five assists in the 31-year-old birthday, Chris Bosh – 7 points, 6 rebounds and six steals.
Lakers (17-22) two-game winning streak. – Kobe Bryant scored 22 points, 16 points Ci Shiping, Dwight – Howard 13 points and 16 rebounds, Steve Nash – 9 points and 7 assists. Comeback, Paul – Pau Gasol scored 12 points, Antoine – Jamison 12 points and six rebounds.
Lakers and Heat this season for the first time their territories, although the status is different, but still attract a lot of attention. Heat early shows defending style, moving toward another championship, the Lakers now seems to be only for the playoffs efforts. The Lakers will not back down, after all, here is Los Angeles Lakers and Heat matchup.
The race in less than three minutes, the Lakers four turnovers, and every mistake is a nightmare for the Lakers, Heat four fast-break dunk, James and Wade buckle, two, they become masters to 8 -2 lead.
Prior to the Lakers game winning streak, the Howard more ball attack is the main reason, Howard, this is also very satisfied with the claim If you keep this up, they will not resist. Lakers after opening today failed to pass the ball to Howard, while Bryant’s offensive efficiency is not high, fortunately Heat hit rate is not high, the Lakers can still compete with them, the first section only 22-26 behind. James in this section have 12 points, Wade 10 points, seven turnovers in the Lakers, Heat 6 times the use of fast-break dunk,
Section II of the Lakers still mistakes constantly. Gasol alley-oop layup, the Heat leading 30-22 after Clark followed by the third hit, to narrow the gap. Up to 7 minutes, the Heat failed to hit a ball, in this section there are 4 minutes 23 seconds, Jamison three penalty, the Lakers leading 35-33. James and Bosh Since then finally after another shooting at halftime, the Heat to 44-45 behind.
Lakers turnovers of up to 16 times in the first half, only 18 of the Heat four times, but the Heat hit rate is too low, 44 voted threes 5 vote total loss. Heat the use of continuous dunk score, James 18 points, Dwyane Wade scored 13 points. Bryant the state average, the first two sections are only four points, Howard and Ci Shiping each had 10 points.
Rapidly overtake the Heat in the third quarter, but the advantage is not large. This section playing half Ci Shiping 4 fouls rest by Clark anti-James. James shot, the Lakers fast break, Nash Houchangchangzhuan Clark rushed to the basket ready to dunk, but James keep up from behind, sending a nail plate cap. Lakers blessing in disguise, Jamison grabbed an offensive rebound, layup and caused Battier foul, and even scored three points with a fine cast, the Lakers only 61-62 behind. Howard also end up after the break, James three times in a row to break through to the basket and score, the Heat leading 73-65 after three quarters.
Heat 8 point advantage in the fourth quarter, but Bryant led the Lakers to fight back. This section there are 7 minutes and 46 seconds, Gasol dunks to tie it at 78-78. James also credited with a third, which is the Heat the audience hit third for the first time, after the vote total loss. Bryant did not back down, immediately fired back, also third succeeded. Heat shot, Bryant again decisive shot, stepping on the three-point line hit the Lakers to 83-81 lead.
Pointer with 2 minutes 33 seconds, Bryant again hit the third, the two sides battle into a 90-90. Wade after a ball, Howard missed two free throws, Allen and James each hit a ball in the game with 49 seconds, the Heat leading 96-90.
The Lakers crucial moment continuous shot, Bryant-thirds also missed James dunks in the game 5.8 seconds, ending all suspense.

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